Seth Rogen Scares Shoppers As A Talking Melon For 'Sausage Party' Prank

Seth Rogen Scares Shoppers As A Talking Melon For 'Sausage Party' Prank

Seth Rogen Scares Shoppers As A Talking Melon For 'Sausage Party' Prank

This past Friday the raunchy animated comedy Sausage Party was theatrically released, and has become a commercial and critical hit across the world. The film, produced Seth Rogen and featuring an ensemble cast that includes James Franco, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton and Michael Cera (to name a few), is centered around the idea of food (fruits, meats, veggies — everything) being sentient. In other words — a movie that is just as hilarious as it is horrifying.

Well, to promote the movie Rogen — a long with a film crew — conducted a prank in which unsuspecting customers at a New York supermarket attempt to pick up groceries, only to be scared by animatronic food items placed throughout the store.

As you’ll see in the video below cantaloupes, sausages and loaves of bread come to life whenever a certain person passes by and tries to grab one of the items, with the animatronic delicacies equipped with speakers broadcasting Rogen’s voice from a nearby room.

“Hey! Hey!” the cantaloupe says to a woman at the beginning of the video as she tries to pick one out. Following that the cantaloupe asks another customer “Are you going to eat my friends and family,” with the latter responding “You’re not my type.”

In another scene another customer tries to buy some meat, in which a piece of sausage comes to life and begins to talk to him. “Have you ever had a sausage before” asks the customer, to which the animatronic meat replies “No, I’m not a cannibal. Have you ever eaten a hipster? How many hipsters have you eaten?”

How is each animatronic food item operated? With a remote control. Seeing the eyes and mouths of each item move only makes these interactions between real people and “real” food even better, as the former actually tries to justify their reasons for eating food to someone voicing a piece of food. Ah, comedic gold.

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