Republican young gun Senator Marco Rubio wasted no time after Barack Obama‘s re-election before launching his own 2016 pre-campaign, speaking to GQ magazine’s Michael Hainey in an interview that clearly underlines his most electable, non-Romneyish qualities ie his youth and his not-too-whiteness…right up to a discussion of his favorite rap music, which apparently includes Public Enemy, Eminem, Tupac and N.W.A. –but not so much the Pitbull and Nicki Minaj. Along the way, of course he found time to compare Obama to Fidel Castro (he’s not comparing them, though, he’s just saying…) and cast doubt over the age of the earth (“I’m not a scientist.”). Yet the most disturbing thing may be just how on-point his analysis of the curent state of rap music is. Even so, I’m not sure if I am more unnerved by that or by how closely this Republican Senator’s musings resemble the rants of certain commenters on this site (it’s true!) Anyway, can’t wait to see what the Rush Limbaughs of the world do with his N.W.A. shout out. Personally, I’ll be impressed when he namechecks Kendrick Lamar (or better yet Frank Ocean).  Read some of the choicest excerpts after the jump and get the full story at GQ (the print edition hits newsstands nationally tomorrow, November 20th).

Sen. Marco Rubio on his love of rap:

“People forget how dominant Public Enemy became in the mid-’80s. No one talks about how transformative they were. Hip-hop’s thirty years old now, and it’s become indistinguishable from pop music in general. Many people say Nicki Minaj is a rapper, but she’s also a singer. Kanye’s a rapper, but his songs aren’t pure rap anymore. You’ve got the guy from Miami, Pitbull, who’s on TV advertising for Dr Pepper.”


On his three favorite rap songs:

“Straight Outta Compton” by N.W.A.

“Killuminati” by Tupac.

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”


On his grandfather (their relationship is featured in his book An American Son: A Memoir), Obama & Castro:

My sense is that he would be troubled by the promise that more government can deliver. I’m not making any comparison between Barack Obama and Castro from Cuba—but I was raised in a community of people who were told that if government had more power, it could equalize things and it could give them more than others and at the minimum undo some of the unfair things that had been done to them, and they were very skeptical of that.


  • dezman

    “ie his youth and his not-too-whiteness…”

    I love how the term “white” is now a pejorative, its now synonymous with “lame, bad, square, etc.” Its funny too because white folks continue to support hip hop music despite being the joke of the hiphop community. What if someone referred to Obama as not “too black”…I guess that would be okay, right player?

    • C’mon now. If Mitt Romney slathers his face in self-tanner to appear before latino voters–how the hell else would you describe what he’s doing other than trying to tone down his ‘whiteness’? Obama has never played the game that way–and yet he does still play the game and he has had nuff commentary on it (too black, not black enough etc). To his credit, tho, he has actually used those disconnects between voting blocs as teachable moments. I don’t see Rubio doing that. I see him trying to reassure the voters that the GOP lost this time that he’s different than Romney because he likes 2pac.

  • greg

    Who cares if he likes hip hop whats that got to do with anything?

  • dezman

    hahaha “teachable moments”…like when he made some massive assumption about Prof. Gates and some police officer before knowing the facts in front of a national audience. Then the facts emerged and he looked silly so he decided to have some ridiculous blue-collarish beer summit. Yea, that was certainly a “teachable moment”…what a milk-toast phrase…

    Obama plays the game in a big way, whether it is changing his inflection according to his audience or bombing the shit out of brown people abroad. Wake up bro…he’s just another slimy politician. And you play right into the divide and conquer narrative by contextualizing everything through the phony prism of race. “Whiteness”….gimme a break

  • dezman

    and the GOP lost because they fielded a candidate that had more in common with the incumbent than true contrast. A Ron Paul candidacy would have destroyed Obama, exposing him for what he is….Bush on steroids.

  • dezman

    The more I read your mini article the more it frustrates me. Based on your premise, one cannot be Republican AND a member of the hip hip community. Maybe your right…it is SOOOOO unnerving to have people comment in articles on Okayplayer who don’t share your enlightened worldview. “Shudder”….so unnerving…having to read…. other opinions….

  • Dome Chomp