Video: Sean Price x Pharoahe Monch - "Seanwuar" Interview - Okayplayer

Video: Sean Price x Pharoahe Monch - "Seanwuar" Interview

Pharoahe Monch interviewed by Sean Price as Seanwuar

Speaking of sitcoms, if Sean Price ever gets tired of being “the the realest dude in rap” (<–Big Ghost‘s words) he definitely got a bright future in comedy. If his Rap Clinic series of educational videos were not enough proof, check him interviewing okayplayer-for-all-time Pharoahe Monch in his Seanwuar persona. Besides being a dead-on spoof of you-know-who, Price has tons of legitimately hilarious set-ups for Monch as well as tackling the tough questions of or time (eg. adamantium or vibranium?). Also his sweater game is set to thermonuclear rainbow-chromatic. Watch after the jump and pre-order Sean Price’s forthcoming LP m=M.I.C.Tyson on iTunes now (drops next Tuesday October 30th).

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