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Audio: Santigold - "Girls" [From HBO's Girls]

Santigold records "Girls" (for HBO's Girls soundtrack)

Santigold comes true with a post-millenial riotgrrrl anthem for–of all placements–the soundtrack of HBO’s post-millenial whitegirl adventure comedy Girls. Kicks off like a holiday carol sung in the round and then quickly breaks down into a bass-heavy club banger that sounds like a feminist answer record to that other “Girls” ie Santi’s sometime collaborators The Beastie Boys‘ juvenile ode to the special people that do the dishes and clean up their rooms and whatnot. Doubly ironic then, since as a soundtrack for a Michigan white girl lost in Brooklyn (no, I haven’t watched it–I am getting that from the wikipedia synopsis and whatever I gleaned from creator Lena Dunham‘s interview on the Colbert Report. Maybe I should ask Mike Skinner.) it also works as a kind of conceptual sequel to Santi’s own “L.E.S. Artistes” on the double-edged sword of gentrification and the temporary autonomous zone of urban space. Yeah, I had a minor in cultural studies. What?

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