RZA in the studio with The Black Keys

If you had any doubts whether RZA and The Black Keys would deliver on the promise of a track titled “Baddest Man Alive” the evil guitar lines and opening statement “I’ll take a pitchfork from the devil…” should put all skepticism to rest. A wicked combination of The Black Keys’ trademark dirty blues-rock and some Paul Bunyan-type raps from RZA (my personal favorite line: “Bear-hug a grizzly, suck milk from her titty…”), i have no idea how this selection from The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack is going to fit into the story of the only iron-fisted black man in China’s jungle village. But personally I’ll take it where I can get it.

spotted at FTV


  • greg

    The baddest song alive

  • rickyrose

    Sounds like the theme song for Ali’s press conferences.

  • Yogi

    Simply blown away, AWESOME track

  • Ray

    straight up Dolomite, and Bo Didly *sort of*