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Roc Marciano - Reloaded [Full LP Stream]

Roc Marciano - Reloaded (LP art)

Sh*t. You already knew we support Roc Marciano around here, so a full album stream is like Christmas coming early or more appropriately a whole shipload of white lobster washing up on your beach. And faster than you could say “shrimp boat” our homies at Decon records have unleashed a full album stream of Marci’s forthcoming opus Reloaded. The album definitely represents a new plateau for the highly-rated MC, pairing his no-nonsense flow with the tough Alchemist beats you expect as well as a jazzier, more dusted aesthetic on tracks like “Peru” and “Thread Count” (produced by none other than Q-Tip) not to mention the minimal “Nine Spray” featuring Ka, maybe my personal fav so far. Stream below and then hit the okp store to pre-order a Reloaded deluxe bundle–because the game is not to be told…

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