Robert Glasper & Bilal performing live on David Letterman's show

To close out the week of Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio remixes we have Glasper’s Bilal and Black Milk collabo “Letter To Hermione,” remixed by none other than…Robert Glasper! (and Jewels. Can’t forget the jewels). Glasper vs Glasper? That’s like black on black radio. That’s jazz cannibalism. That’s like John Malkovich going through the wormhole into the brain of John Malkovich. Actually, in practice, the Bowie cover–filtered through Glasper’s bluish piano interpolation, Bilal’s smoky, echoey vocal and the percolating drums of the remix–comes out with a much more subtle flavor, like the aroma of coffee and Alamout black; the haunting morning-after memory of a dream or out-of-body experience more than the vision itself. The finishing note is a voicemail from Maureen Ma Dukes Yancey, teasing the arrival of “Dillalude #2” (Premieres monday, right here on Okayplayer!) and exhorting Glasper with the words “Let’s make it happen,” which I hereby predict will be the soundbite of the year, right up there with “I like Big Bird.” See you Monday–and don’t forget to check out the remixes from ?uestlove, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder and Georgia Anne Muldrow.

props to HT


  • sirsmokesalot

    Dope! I was wondering who Jewels is and found
    him 🙂 @itbjewels

  • Richard HOBBS

    That glasper remix, “letter to her ion”, was hot, need my own copy of the whole cd… It’s a must have….

  • Richard HOBBS

    Sorry for the mis-spelleing of hermione….

  • Driven

    You know Glasper is Killing i wish he sung, as well like this cat Taylor Pace
    voice, drums , piano, etc http://soundcloud.com/taylorpacemusic

  • Main-One

    i fucking love this track…Classic!!!!

  • LOVE