Rick Ross

They should of called this song “Sixteen Kings” –and 15.5 of them are Andre 3000. Three minutes and some seconds of verbal genius (8 minutes total, to be clear) and a bag of Jimi-style guitar solo. Damn, James. Ross did say “C.R.E.A.M. #EricClapton” though. So that’s something. Whatever the cons, that’s more than sixteen good reasons to pre-order God Forgives, I Don’t here.

spotted at SC


  • mike b

    i definitely have grown to appreciate ross. he’s clearly a fan of this art form and it’s practitioners. He’s never claimed ( to my knowledge ) to be a king mc.
    He put on some of arguably the best lyricists that have come out in the past few years.
    he’s doing what i imagine i’d do if i had a ton of disposable cash. maybe ross will get dave c to do a part deux of his block party.

    • KD06

      Mike b I agree 100% Ross is making good music. His rhymes aren’t super complex but he understands how to select a beat and a hook. Amazing a lot of rappers can’t pull this off.

  • Stacks!

  • SouthCacDude

    Rick Ross is OK, but let’s be clear that 3 Stacks made this song. This right here is pretty much fire!


    andre 3000 was dope on this track,he is missed in the industry,please come back….

  • JO

    could you expect anything more from Andre? Always has been and always will be one of the most under rated rappers of all time! ICE COLD!!!!!!!!!

  • The Acknickulous One

    Dre killed it and this is definitely the best I have ever heard from Rick Ross.

  • Bryce13

    I don’t get it, why would Andre 3000 even do a track with that fat idiot? It seems to be all about that dough even with the artist’s that seem more about the art these days. Hip Hop what happened?