Revisit P & The Yessirs' (Pharrell & The Roots) 'Out of My Mind' Remake

In 2006, Pharrell hopped out of The Neptunes and embarked on a solo ride through a world he helped forge with the release of In My Mind. The record cashed-in more than a decade’s worth of hook-ups, wrangling A-list collaborators of his storied past to set up the first move in his climb to a stellar standalone legacy. But the A1s know of a slightly-altered version of the album, Out of My Mind, entirely remade by The Roots with contributions from some of Philly’s finest in the year following the breakaway release.

Maybe you caught it on the boards, or maybe it was brought to you by a well-intentioned homie, but with the announcement of P & The Yessirs being realized as more than a studio dream at this year’s Roots Picnic, it seems as good a time as any to get acquainted with what could be in store for us on the first Saturday of June, or at the very least, to hear the rare alternate Roots-driven takes you didn’t know were so sorely missing from your archive.

We’ll have to wait and see what crew cooks up, but we’re pulling for it for full-on Out of My Mind glory at Penn’s Landing. Download a copy of P & The Yessirs’ (Pharrell & The Roots) Out of My Mind (via TheNeptunes.org) and purchase your tickets of the 10th Annual Roots Picnic down below

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