Read Beyonce's Full Interview of Solange

Seems fair to say that the Knowles Sisters, Beyonce and Solange, had about as good a 2016 as any pair of blood relatives on the planet. Both released exceptional albums, both saw those albums hit no. 1 on Billboard (the first pair of sisters to have ever done so,) both appear to be made of the same magic.

Rarely do we have the opportunity to witness the star-powered sisters in their natural, sisterly state, however. But one publication (specifically Interview Magazine) has given us more or less that opportunity in a new Solange interview conducted by, you guessed it, big sis. They discuss their upbringing (having such similar beginnings, but such distinctive visions for/of their craft,) creativity, voicing, sisterhood, family life, and all over a crackling cellphone line as Solange makes way up I-95 from Philly to NYC.

You can read to the full script by following the link below. Beyonce’s just finished up a massive world tour, while Solange readies her own for 2017, armed with some NOLA’s finest hired hands. Both Lemonade and A Seat At The Table are available to purchase via iTunes today.

>>>Read Beyonce’s interview of Solange (via Interview Magazine)