Rapsody The Drums

I hope y’all checked Rapsody‘s last album, The Idea of Beautiful, when it dropped, definitely worth your ears. If not, get a reminder of the dopeness of the first lady of Jamla with her latest video “The Drums” featuring Heather Victoria and The Soul Council (9th Wonder on the beat). Video directed by Kenneth Price.


  • very fresh track…

  • JB

    excellent song!

  • PhillyROOTed

    Dope album, Dope song with a message…
    Ain’t not balance in this system no more
    We ain’t well
    Ain’t a rapper on the radio wit stories to tell
    Hip Hop never died, yo
    The radio failed
    Now the powers with the people
    Wonder if they can tell
    Just some change for your thoughts
    Like those in the well
    Yo, I kick for you all and take it back for a spell

  • new fan of Rapsody

    I’m very impressed! I love her original flow. Her cadence style isn’t predictable and stale and she’s has real things to say. I’m not sure if she said “radio failed” or “radio fell” doesn’t matter really but either way she’s beastin on this. I checked out some of her other songs on youtube and I was diggin it. With beats by 9th its hard to go wrong! The radio definitely fell or failed! hahah She’s right!