We take it back to Rapsody‘s Summer tape, She Got Game, for the official visuals to “Dark Knights.” With the video for the Batman themed song, we watch Rapsody as she channels the Joker and cruises through the streets of Gotham in a squad car with her head hanging out of the window. The video version of the E. Jones produced track comes sans the Wale verse. Video directed by Kenneth Price. One of the stronger tracks off of what was a very impressive release from the first lady of Jamla.


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  • http://twitter.com/troybrowntv TroyBrownTV

    Am I bugging for not thinking Rapsody is that nice? I think she is okay but maybe she was oversold to me. I first heard of her the other day and cats told me she had features with Common and Jay Elect and I see right above this she has a 9th Wonder collab under her belt. So I’m expecting some miracle rap incredible super bars type of shit. Between what I heard the other day and this track right here I’m just feeling like “eh”. Am I just hating or what?

    • bsquared

      I have to agree with you on this one…Yeah she can rap but i dont know…she’s not jean grae. I do like the video and a couple of lines here and there but overall D+

  • twinkieeeeeee

    It’s her delivery for me, she almost reminds me of Bahamadia in parts. Nothing about her says I wanna recite her rhymes like my fav MCs.

  • 2saunt

    Solid lyrics, just boring.