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OKP News: Rappers (& Sangers) For Obama

Kanye West is going to let you finish

Today’s news that Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen will be playing a special rally in support of Barack Obama in the all-important swang state of Ohio is only the latest in a somewhat stunning series of 11th-hour endorsements for the President from high-profile rappers, sangers, rappers-turned-sangers, samplers and other kinds of musicians who apparently still like their Lambos blue, thanks. There was “Keep Moving Forward” from Stevie Wonder an uptempo anthem tinged with North African rhythms (I know I’m cynical but why do I feel like the Obama spin team was less than geeked about that). Then there was “Forward” from Ne-Yo, “For All” from Far East Movement and “Be The Best” from okayplayer Martin Luther. Sampling pioneer Steinski turned in a  reverse endorsement by sampling Mitt Romney‘s words in a ‘roll tape 212″ greatest hits of his damning and contradictory statements. And Vibe magazine recorded pro-Obama statements from RZA, Treach, Kay Gee (I know you were wondering when NBN was gonna weigh in) and Snoop Lion, who already showed Obama crazy love and support (no, I mean crazy). On Romney’s side though, there’s Kid Rock (boo), Nicki Minaj’s split-personality and Mr. Burns from The Simpsons (for actual). That last might be the best one, actually but watch ’em all. And VOTE on Tuesday goddamnit.

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