Tyler, The Creator - Wolf LP art

Tyler, The Creator‘s new album Wolf leaked so he decided to put the whole damn thing on his soundcloud. We’re all listening to it, so we might as well just put it on Okayplayer and invite y’all to join the debate. Hate it or rate it?


  • your real dad

    flippin rad

  • Nasty Nate

    Man the beats on the album are so good


    Okayplayer you are some bandwagon hopping lame ass mo fo’s !! I can CLEARLY recall about 2 years ago when a writer for OKP had a post, I believe it was for Frank Ocean, and in the post you mentioned something along the lines of how OKP wasn’t down with Tyler the Creator and his music and even went as far as to say OKP fans probably wouldn’t see much of his music on here, now that he’s selling mass units and on every blog/show you decide to jump on his dick? If you ask me that goes against everything that OKP stands for, or should i say ‘stood for’. You guys let me down huge.

    • Scottie Boy

      This album is way more acceptable and artistic. He dropped the demonic, “rape bitches” persona a bit.