Snoop Lion and Diplo discuss working with reggae artist Popcaan

LargeUp TV: Snoop Lion & Diplo Speak On Working w/ Popcaan

Snoop Lion and Diplo

A few months back, shortly after Snoop Dogg’s press conference announcing his transformation into Snoop Lion, LargeUp TV sat down with Snoop and producer Diplo for an in-depth conversation on a wide variety of topics. One was Snoop’s relationship with Bunny Wailer. Another was dancehall phenom Popcaan, with whom the pair collaborated on “Lighters Up,” from Snoop’s upcoming Reincarnated album (and perhaps some other tracks from the LP as well?)

Watch the video to hear how Fry Yiy sold Snoop on his preferred drink of apple vodka—or more specifically a concoction of apple vodka and Squirt—(this just in: the  pop in question has been identified as TING soda-ed.) and find out what else Uncle Snoop had to say about his “nephew” Poppy and what he represents for dancehall in the video below. Stay tuned for the upcoming LargeUp TV episode “A Day in the Life With Popcaan”—and much more from this interview with Snoop and Diplo.

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