Trindad James live on Jimmy Fallon

Upcoming Roots Picnic headliner and overnight sensation Trinidad James touched the stage at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night to perform his hit “All Gold Everything” with The Legendary Roots Crew. Don’t believe, juh watch:

spotted at MWP


  • Crap…sells. Ol school all the way!

  • Song is growin on me but that performance was WAACK! Martin should sue em cus he definitely jackin Jerome’s swag lol


    words cant explain

  • dude

    Shit lyrics, shit flow.

  • Mr. Wells

    Did The Roots really enjoy playing this ish? Label mates unfortunately have to play the part.

  • SoapBox Killer

    well…that took about 35 secs to get whack…wait .Am I allowed to not like this without being called a “hater”?

    • masterlordgod

      no. no you’re not.

  • thinkalot

    feel sad for roots…

  • D.Owens=3

    Black thought should of came out kick this nigga in the neck!!! Picked up the mic and went into some REAL SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • DontBelieveMeJustWatch


    why u niggas take shit seriously. This is not music u analyze u just have fun and its pretty funny too 🙂

    shit dope tbh

    Popped a Molly Im Sweating Woo!

    if im depressed or if i want to think bout shit yes ill listen to the roots,mos def common, even some nas.

    So yeah u entlists are dumb ass shit plus listening to mos,roots, ect doesnt get u any pussy bruh bruh bitches dont like that shit

    Even though the roots,blu,common, nas are my all time fav artists

    • Downindixie

      People have a right NOT to like something. How does that
      make people “entlists”? No, they just demand more artistic merit and
      intelligence in the music. (SMDH on that spelling, I think you meant
      “elitists”) But if you’re going to insult people because their
      opinion is different than yours, at least take Language Arts before you type, Son….

  • Turbs

    i thought records had to revolve in order for ‘music’ to be heard. so whack

  • regularguy666

    Dear LNWJF/LRC,

    why is Trinidad James up there wasting our time when some dope Brooklyn Based Afrobeat would kill the audience with a fraction of the guanentee?

  • neveragainpleaseneveragain

    Everybody was trying on this one. The White girl in the back was trying to keep the beat, Questlove was trying to not look annoyed, Trinidad James was trying to be successful.

  • Mike

    I hope The Roots power washed their instruments with Purell after that.

  • Mike

    Didn’t care for the song, but props to Mr. James for his homage to “Afro Samurai”.

  • What the fuck, are you serious, reminds me of chappels version of Rick james! That was hugely embarrasing to watch! What a faggot ass rapper, get some style mate! Or go and sell perfume

  • I swear Kamal gave Quest a look like, “No. No I don’t believe you, and I am watching.”

  • wow super weak

  • blackcheebaba

    Gold all in my what? Is this the track he recorded after spending years buying gold rings and stuff from crack heads, just so he can resemble someone on crack, who incidentally is whack at rap?