Ramarley Graham's Mother Reacts To Officer Richard Haste's Resignation

Ramarley Graham's Mother Reacts To Officer Richard Haste's Resignation

Ramarley Graham's Mother Wants Answers From NYPD Over Son's Death

Photo of Ramarley Graham courtesy of ABC7.

The plight of police officers who have shot unarmed black teenagers is an epidemic across the country.

Richard Haste, the man behind the shooting death of Ramarley Graham, 18, in the Bronx, has resigned from the NYPD to avoid being fired following a disciplinary trial.

The video, which went viral as soon as it was released, found Graham running into his grandmother’s house. Haste fatally killed the black teenager in the bathroom, right in front of his grandmother and his 6-year-old brother.

Haste decided to resign after being informed last Friday that the Department Trial Commissioner found him guilty on all counts, and recommended that his employment be terminated. Including the verdict, Haste faced departmental charges for demonstrating “poor judgment.”

Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, upon learning of Haste’s resignation, released a statement saying:

“My son Ramarley was gunned down and murdered by NYPD Officer Richard Haste over 5 years ago. Richard Haste should have been in prison but instead of even firing him, the de Blasio administration let him resign. This is just another example that the de Blasio administration doesn’t care about justice and accountability. Every step of the way, the Mayor and NYPD have dragged their heels and have refused to hold officers accountable for murdering my son. 5 years after my son was killed, they made me take off work to sit through a trial while in the end, they let Richard Haste off the hook, and are continuing to give the other officers responsible for killing Ramarley and other misconduct every opportunity to escape accountability. They haven’t even scheduled the trials for Sgt Morris or McLoughlin – the only 2 officers that even have internal charges against them. How is my youngest son supposed to trust and believe in cops when he saw they murdered his brother in front of him and there is zero accountability?”

What do you think? Should Mayor de Blasio take steps to hold Officer Richard Haste accountable? Speak on it in the comments below.

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