Rage Against The Machine's 'Evil Empire' Reissued On Marbled Vinyl

Rage Against The Machine's Sophomore Album 'Evil Empire' Reissued On Marbled Vinyl

by zo
2 years ago

Rage Against The Machine's Sophomore Album 'Evil Empire' Reissued On Marble Vinyl

With the instant success of the offshoot supergroup, Prophets Of Rage, it seems Rage Against The Machine fans have seen their hopes of a full-fledged reunion, on stage or on record, vanish before their eyes. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds, as the opportunity to see Chuck D and B-Real with Tom Morello & Co. (sans Zach de la Rocha, of course) is not something any RATM fan should pass up without second thought or opinion (see their Jimmy Kimmel Live! performance from Monday night.)

But for those of you that just can’t stand to see a de la Rocha-less Rage, the good folks of Vinyl Me Please have just the thing. Tomorrow they’ll release a limited number (1,500) of reissues of Rage Against The Machine’s sophomore album Evil Empire, pressed to a dazzling bright orange marbled vinyl. All you have to do is sign up for the service and you’ll gain access to their expansive catalogue of wax, not to mention first dibs on their exclusives, of which there are many. And honestly, this is just a great excuse to tap into this service. So if you’re feeling down on the prospects of Rage Against The Machine making their way back to the world as you’d hoped they would, this is kinda the next best thing. That’s at least what we’re trying to convince ourselves of.





h/t Vinyl Factory

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