Raekwon Studies Non-Liquid Swords With Fencing World Champ

Raekwon Studies Non-Liquid Swords With Fencing World Champ

Raekwon Studies Non-Liquid Swords With Fencing World Champ

Wu-Tang’s resident verbal sword-slinger Raekwon, proves he’s got more than rhyming daggers to throw. In a recent interview with GQ, Rae went in on the physical manifestation of his flow when he found himself in a true bout with Miles Chamley-Watson, the World Champion of Fencing In Foil. Miles is admittedly a Wu disciple, claiming that when he made the voyage from England to the states, that Wu-Tang was the first hip-hop group he ever listened to. Apparently indebted to The Wu, Miles repaid Rae for that early influence with a lesson in the formidable contact sport. And it seems Raekwon really took to it, as Miles later said:

“I’m not gonna lie, he was actually good. I’d tell him if he was bad, honestly. He held it amazing the first time. When I tried to go around, he had a real good reflex, so he’s a natural. But then, he’s amazing at his craft, so I’m not surprised. I can say that from me being not too bad myself.”

After delving into the armed sweet science, Rae discussed the influence of sword play on him personally, as well as early stages of Wu, drawing our attention to that infamous Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers album cover where everyone’s sporting ninja masks that bear an uncanny resemblance to the proper fencing attire. Rae embellishes:

“It’s so crazy, because when we put the masks on, it was almost like we was feeling like fencers. We wanted to be seen as some new pirates. We mastered the sword-style of rhyming.”

For more on the candid account between swordsman and words-man, as well as the latest on Raekwon’s upcoming LP Fly International Luxurious Art,  head over to the GQ interview to read it in its entirety. We’ll have more on Rae’s new record soon, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears pealed to the Okay-realm.


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