Last night, I was just flipping through the channels, not really watching anything in particular. All of a sudden I jump past a channel and I’m almost certain I saw the Mighty Fro. I flip back and, Lo. Behold, it’s ?uestlove jammin’ out to Danny! on the new Sonos wireless music player commercial. The commercial’s been out for a minute but that was the first time I had actually got a glimpse. It’s a good-ass feeling, witnessing OKP records own Danny! getting more shine on broadcast television, (not to mention ?uesto and his legendary vinyl collection). Check the TV spot below and peep Danny!’s interview with Okayplayer right here. Payback is in stores now.


  • Oz

    D-SWAIN & ?UESTO! But yo, Sonos is mad ill but very expensive if you’re trying put it in multiple rooms. Good shit y’all!

  • Lou C. Ferr

    When did Danny Glover start rapping simply as danny? gave up the Childish Gambino name? Anywho, this is a hella dope song. Props to him for getting the much needed exposure!

    • APE

      Got your rappers mixed up dude, Danny! isn’t Danny Glover. looks like you got some research to do, never to late to get on the D.Swain train though

  • Every time this comes on TV, I break into the most VICIOUS head nod of my life. Love this joint. Actually thinkin about buying a Sonos.

  • Carla H

    This is my favorite commercial right now – Questlove and D. Swain? Can’t go wrong!

  • sean westergaard

    ‘where is Danny’ is easily one of my favorite albums of the 21st century so far. i get the tunes stuck in my head all the time.

  • pardonmyjargon

    Nice! Sonos knows whats good.