D'Angelo, James Poyser and Pino Palladino in the studio circa 2000

Lest anybody missed the significance of the pics that ?uestlove sent out with obliquely-worded tweets this morning (to wit):

Puttin’ finishing touches on you know what….(Russ “The Dragon” Elevado is tracking so….now you know) #So (see instagram here)

Tracking Room for the album we been waiting 13 Cotdamn Years On!!!!!! #soon (see instagram here)

Team #Patience Elevado, Leeds, & Pallidino #soon (see instagram here)

I only used this 76 Ludwig Cream/Vistalites on *this record* #soon (see instagram here)

Now, ?uesto could be in the studio beating up some Ludwig/Cream Vistalites behind any number of projects, ranging from &TYSYC (the next album from The Roots) to a collaboration with some musical legend or other to…well almost anything, really.  And who’s to say D’Angelo producer Russ Elevado, bassgod/frequent collaborator Pino Palladino and D’Angelo’s tour manager Alan Leeds couldn’t be hanging out in the studio on some other session. But there’s only one record that can be described as “the album we been waiting 13 Cotdamn Years On!” (<– insert your own number of !!!s according to your level of soulgasm) and “this record” my friends, means a new LP from D’ANGELO. To paraphrase Tina Farris from her He-Got-On-The-Plane m0ment: “Praise Jesus.”


  • muthafunka

    well…..”Praise Jesus” indeed

  • me


  • Yes, good news!!!

  • BrownSugar22

    Thank you God! It’s coming!!!

  • BrownSugar22

    Thank you God! It’s coming!!!

  • Thank the Lord, I can finally breathe

  • originalokplayer

    I’d like to hear that D’angelo is putting the finishing touches on his record and a release date. We’ve only been waiting…F-O-R-E-V-E-R… ugh

    • The R.

      Pretty sure that is what this is implying…

  • D.Owens=3

    BU BU BU BULLSHIT!!!!!! I will believe this when its in my muthafuckin hand!!!!!!!!!


    all of this means nothing until we get the album in hand…..

  • JustWatchin

    Does this mean there will be another influx of fangirls to the boards?? Bleech