Video for "Magdalena" Quantic & Alice Russell w/ The Combo Barbaro

Quantic & Alice Russell w/ The Combo Barbaro - "Magdalena" [Official Video]

Quantic and Alice Russell Video Still from Magdalena

“Magdalena,” the second single off the excellent Quantic & Alice Russell project with Afro-Latin supergroup Combo Barbaro  Look Around The Corner has finally gotten the video treatment and its results are are almost as endearing as the recording itself. Sunny visuals follow the upbeat percussion of The Combo Barbaro, which coast perfectly under Russell’s powerhouse vocals to create a sound that warms you up like dancing at a summertime backyard jam in the 1970s, except the sound is refreshing and new. If you don’t happen to be relaxing on the beach circa 1970-something, allow yourself to indulge a little with one definition of feel-good music and a visual experience to match. Serving all that niceness up with a sweet message about being true to oneself, and “Magdalena” provides a Monday afternoon pick-me-up for those needing it most (particularly us on the wet and dreary East Coast). And if you haven’t already, go ahead and cop Look Around The Corner on iTunes.

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