Q-Tip answers questions about Kanye West, Busta Rhymes & his LP The Last Zulu

Q-Tip shares some tidbits about his forthcoming G.O.O.D. Music project The Last Zulu, answering a question from Vibe about whether Kanye West‘s and their G.O.O.D. music labelmates will be “all over it” with an unequivocal “It’s gonna be me, straight up and down,” adding “that’s the thing about ‘Ye. He respect me, I respect him. We all know what it is.” The Abstract goes on to describe the album’s content as “that boom-bap, unrelenting lyrical, thoughtful, edgy, street, everything….” and lets go some news about a track he worked on with his “Scenario” sparring partner Busta Rhymes. The collabo is titled “I Wanna Thank You” and Q-Tip feels strongly about it enough that he advocates getting a petition started in its honor. “The petition is called: Busta Rhymes, make ‘I Wanna Thank You’ your first single.” Watch the video clip below for the full context and stay tuned for more (“I had a dream that my mans came by the studio last night. And my mans name was…” cue video.)

spotted at HHNM


  • He’s talking about Dilla. He’s gotta be.

    • crawlrawl

      My thoughts exactly…

  • tip comes across really different in sit-down interviews compared to moments like this…anyways, really looking forward to the new album. loved the renaissance.