Psymun - Paws [EP]

Psymun - Paws [EP]


If you slept on that Co$$ x Blu x Kemizt “Heroin” track yesterday, you may want to double back and get yourself a dose. That lineup already lets you know the bars are top notch, but the song’s producer, Psymun, also has some heat of his own. I wasn’t aware of dude ’til yesterday, but the 21 year old Minneapolis beatmaker should be on your radar. He recently released a 4-track EP, Paws, made from scratch (in about 6 hours) while trapped in his house during a snow storm. A mostly instrumental project (vocals from Rich Garvey and Big Dylan on track #2) featuring his brand of atmospheric/abstract beats. It clocks in under 10 minutes, so give it some burn right quick, below.

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