Our homey Rob Trees from Get On Down records just sent us this crazy exclusive not-yet-released Ol’ Dirty Bastard dirty-deluxe box set edition of Return to the 36 Chambers–which is the best kind of homey to have, really. Included in the package is an ODB on-tour poster, a custom ODB wallet containing the infamous RTT36C food stamp card, exclusive photos, stickers and artwork (after the jump)–and a tracklisting that includes 12″-only tracks like the Lord Digga remix of “Brooklyn Zoo.” This is so new that we really have no idea when it will be available yet (not trying to be high-posted, just saying) but stay tuned. Or to be on the safe side just camp out at the Get On Down site and keep hitting refresh on the little grid of rare LPs. While you’re there get yourself some glow in the dark 45 adapters or a deluxe box set of Common‘s Resurrection. Or something.