Prince's European Tour To Sell Tickets For $10

That’s right. Apparently Prince is putting an end to the gaudy ticket prices we’re all no doubt used to paying to see the lavish purple phenomenon that is his live show. Instead, he proposes that those interested in attending his European tour dates pay a mere 10 dollars per ticket, citing his new line-up with 3rd Eye Girl as his rationale. You read that correctly. A spectacle we once paid hundreds of dollars to see, will now be so outrageously affordable that it will likely cause out-right chaos at the box office.

This won’t be The Revolution reunion we’ve all been dying for, but it will surely be a treat fit for the proper purple enthusiast. So let the pandemonium begin. With no actual dates lined up for the tour #PrinceWatch is in full effect these days, announcing his last performance at London’s Electric Ballroom via Twitter. So be sure to keep your ears to the ground and eyes to the twitter-sphere for your chance to see his Purple Majesty rock across the great pond.

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  • missmack

    That’s because he hasn’t had a hit since 1980 something.

    • drg

      Who cares about ‘hits’?

    • JRP

      Stupid comment. His stadium concerts sell out no matter the price or the hits.. his music withstood the test of time. Thats not what u can say for most recent artists that scored a hit or 2 and were the hype 2/3 years ago.

  • Obscura

    awwww wow, thats dogged!

    We’re still makin dollars
    25 years 2 life
    The judge sentenced me 2 hard labor with a knife
    Making cuts 4 y’all
    Keeping the party packed and wall 2 wall
    I don’t care what they say
    “He don’t play the hits no more
    plus I thought he was gay ?

  • damionm7

    That’s awesome…for the fans in the UK lol. How about selling tickets at that price for the poor US fans? 😉

  • gh

    feels like a big F U to
    american fans.

    payed 200 for a show ~6 months ago

  • Salute Prince man. Affordable shows for the fans is whats up. I fuck wit it heavy