Prince at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Giving some credence to rumors that he’s done with releasing proper albums, an acoustic guitar-and-vocal demo of a new song called “That Girl Thang” has popped up for sale on Prince‘s webstore, 3rdEyeGirl.  We hate to use words like “comeback” and “return to form” when it comes to Prince, because he hasn’t really gone anywhere or changed up his steez.  But even in its bare state, this is by far one of the best songs Prince has released in the last 15 years.

“That Girl Thang” is presented with a level of rawness and intimacy that has been missing from his most recent releases.  The song sounds as if it were recorded on a four-track in one take, allowing the melody and lyric to shine without being bogged down by layer upon layer of overdubs – a common complaint levied against the songs on Prince’s 1997 almost-but-not-quite-100%-acoustic album, The Truth.

Take a listen to “That Girl Thang” below, and head over to 3rdEyeGirl.com to add it to your collection!



  • RS

    Taken down already???

  • anc282

    I would like to send out a huge thank you to the person who uploaded this track, because I actually bought it from Prince’s website but I couldn’t download it and they never got back to me after I emailed them twice.

  • Floored.

  • ecnirP toN

    yea its kooky getting tracks from the 3rdeyegirl website. They put the download links in the invoice when it appears on screen, easy to miss if your not accustomed to this method.

    For whatever dumbass reason they put in red at the top of the page a link to access your account with them as well as access the mp3s you purchased. But if you didnt check the box earlier in the transaction that gave you the option to setup an account, clicking the red link produces a 404 error… SMH

  • Not the last Poet

    on a side note, I really aint feeling P having this blond haired blue tri-eyed aryan looking chick on the cover. How is he gonna rock an afro yet have a white woman on his album cover. We have had images of whiteness pushed to us for hundreds of years in the U.S. Why not a sista ? Tired mess ! I guess if he put a black woman on the cover P is afraid he would alienate his white fans..

    • Prince

      Awesome.. we were hoping that you could tell us your opinion on this matter. Your deep feelings and powerful insight into this album cover will be felt for generations to come. Imagine how proud your grandchildren will be when your astute analysis is read in classrooms throughout the land for generations to come. You, sir, are a true scholar and we are all honored to have been able to know what you feel. Kudos to you, old chap, I say Kudos….

    • Not the 2nd to the Last Poet

      Awwwww shiii… Kudos some of dis righ here !! Wait a minute, I gotta do somethin…

  • Ian

    “404 – Oops, we couldn’t find that sound”…. : (((