Prince "Screwdriver" video

Like many artists Prince timed a big release to his appearance at the Grammys, in this case Prince’s new video for the grungy, crunchy rock song “Screwdriver.” But lest you think Prince is like any other artist, there is of course a purpler twist to the release–“Screwdriver” is technically available for viewing only through the newest star in the constellation of  Prince websites Prince2013.com for the low, low (and random, random) price of $1.77. However it is currently watchable on youtube (below) I am assuming by some sort of error or more likely an upload of a ripped copy. Which means although you can see it now the video will most likely disappear while I…am…typing…nope. Still there (for now). Watch the 8-minute clip with the quickness of a ritalin-addict and then go put your not quite dollars in the slot for more leisurely viewing. If you clicked too late, you’ll have to rely on this synopsis from VideoStatic to decide whether to make the $1.77 commitment:

“Screw Driver” loosely tells the tale of an underestimated girl rock band that gets beckoned by His Royal Princeness to join him for a lo-fi rock performance that inspires a floor full of dancers. The production values are similarly rough around the edges, with a purposeful grainy b/w video grade, and a structure that includes a “boys vs. girls” narrative interlude and an ending sequence that’s scored with horror movie cues.

>>>Watch Prince’s new video “Screwdriver” (via Prince2013.com)



  • dafunkysoul

    Franchement, de la part d’un Frenchie je tiens à dire, que malgrè son grand talent il me gave!!!!! A tout censuré bêtement, à vouloir vendre tout et n’importe quoi qu’il s’en est lui même perdu, ça mérite que tu te mange le fond Mr Prince!!!! T’as perdu un afficionnados ma geule! En anglais ” Fuck da shit”

  • Jacouille

    Au contraire, c’est du tout grand Prince là, et 1.77$ pour ce morceau c’est pas la mer à boire. Prince a toujours été classé à tort comme artiste funcky ou R&B. Prince c’est Prince, il est inimitable, inclassable, j’adore.