Prince Paisley Park Performance

UPDATE: We just got word from Prince’s camp (via the diabolical Dr. Funkenberry that the setlist originally posted below was from the Paisley Park that went down 2 weeks ago–the correct (but incomplete) set-list from yesterday’s Pancake Pajama Jammy Jam has now been added (scroll down).

Prince invited fans to Paisley Park Saturday night/Sunday morning for The Breakfast Experience Pajama Dance Party. If a high-energy performance wasn’t enough, pancakes were served, available to all for the low, low price of US$1. The Purple One donned a silk robe as he treated fans to reloaded classics and covers, all backed by a pajama-clad 3rdEyeGirl. Throw on your best jammies and check out what you missed below.

Setlist:  Show 1 (incomplete)

“LGC Reloaded” / “Chaos and Disorder” / “Endorphinemachine” / “She’s Always In My Hair” / “I Like It There” / “The Sweeter She Is” (cover) / “Purple Rain” / “Crimson and Clover” (cover) / “Plectrum Electrum” / “Guitar” / “Fixurlifeup” / “Stratus” / “The Max”/ “Bambi”

Setlist: Show 2 (incomplete)

“Shockadelica” / “Alphabet St.” / “I Would Die 4 U” & More

shouts to 3EG



  • Jill Primous

    Just so U know…The NPG (Hornz) were not on stage..it was a 3rdEyeGirl set! SUPERB, historical performance! I will never b the same!!! Thank U Prince 4 having us!!!

  • Ella Muhammad

    This article is wrong. The pajama party was 2 a.m. Saturday morning Oct 19. Everyone was able to have pancakes served for $1.00 a plate. There was no NPG or horns. The performance was Prince and 3rd Eye Girl. Prince and the girls all wore pajamas.

  • Ella Muhammad

    What a great experience. Thank you Prince and 3rd Eye Girl. In a world filled with chaos and disorder you brought hope, love, and peace. Ready to do it again.

  • okgofree

    The videos have been blocked by none other than the purple cock blocker himself. What a shame. Had to laugh when I read that he was charging $1 a plate for pancakes. The guy just has to be paid.