Prince Paul Interviews Cheech, Talk Comedic Origins, Musical Influence

Prince Paul put on his best curator’s voice and sat down with Cheech Marin to discuss the renaissance man’s come-up, legacy and influences (both comedically and musically) for Scion’s Music(less) Music Conference. Cheech’s light and open disposition made the exchange worth its time, speaking on everything from runt syndrome–where the smallest/youngest kid in the family has to compensate for their size or age with antics that truly set them apart–to what it was like meeting (then) musician Tommy Chong and being part of a traveling improv-comedy music troupe, also known as the hippie burlesque. Its as candid as you’re going to get out of someone whose been in the entertainment industry for 50 or more years and it shows just how much one has to endure to remain relevant for a half century of putting smiles on people’s faces. Go ahead and rock with Prince Paul as he interviews Cheech Marin below.