Prince's band 3rdEyeGirl for V Magazine
Photo courtesy of V Magazine

Prince‘s all-girl army of kung fu killers, 3rdEyeGirl for short, have released 2 new instrumental jams, titled “Octopus Heart” and “Menstrual Cycle” respectively (hey, when you have an all girl band getting everybody in synch is a major concern. I’m guessing.) The live-streamed sessions range from 90s grunge rockish to Bob James/Nautilus-like in their noodle-y vibiness and come complete with “single” artwork depicting an octopus and a mixing board. I don’t know either. No official confirmation that Prince himself is playing on these jawns but there does appear to be 3 attractive female instrumentalists in 3rdEyeGirl (guitar, bass and drums–eye them above) and yet four instruments playing. The 4th mystery instrument sounds like a Rhodes to me, and although somebody on here can probably analyze the playing scientifically to confirm or deny this, I am going to go out on a limb and say it’s Prince showing off for Questo & D’Angelo.

In other Prince/The Roots news, the purplous one granted a rare interview to V Magazine recently, in which he denied smashing Roots guitarist and super-nice dude Captain Kirk’s favorite guitar on national television during his Late Night With Jimmy Fallon appearance. With a straight face. Read the relevant quote below, hit the link for the full interview and scroll down to get your taste of “Octopus Heart” et al.


What happened with The Roots’ guitarist’s guitar, the one that you threw after your performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon?” I ask.

“What?” he says. “

Didn’t you borrow a guitar from him and then throw it after your set? It was all over the news.”

“No,” he replies, straight-faced. “Another thing that’s diferent about this organization is that we don’t think about that,” he says, pointing at the TV.

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  • It’s him

    If that ain’t Prince on guitar on Octopus Heart, I’ll eat my hat.

  • LeroyMerlin

    That’s Prince music? What happened to the guy? C’mon Prince.

    • tbc

      U must be kidding , nothing wrong with Prince 🙂

  • ChrisFresh

    My only knock on Prince is that he leaves you jonesing for more. I saw him when he kicked off the west coast tour up in vancity. Stellar on so many levels. He released, via soundcloud, a piece of that performance. Why can’t he release the whole thing? He only played about 12-13 songs and selfishly I was hoping to spend all night with him as he’s known to do. Not only would I give my left nut to have the full soundboard for that night but I’d give up my right one as well. He has to rank up there as one of the greatest of all time. I find it mind blowing that he doesn’t get more respect from the industry. Funk on.

  • ChrisFresh

    No doubt that’s P is on the axe.

  • Xtian

    Love “Octopus Heart”!!! One of my favorite trax ever!
    Thanks 3EG!

  • mo izzo

    I can’t turn my stereo up loud enough !……..AND…that “Menstrual Cycle”…Another reason for my neighbors to not like me !