Donald Trump preliminary impeachment papers have been filed.

The people frustrated with this Trump Administration might be getting what they want, as a top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has filed an “Articles of Inquiry” into the president. For those unaware of what that means, this is the first step in the process of attempting to impeach a federal official.

Yes, someone, namely Congressman Jerrold Nadler, (D-NY), is attempting to impeach Donald Trump.

Cue the Honey Drippers song.

The last time that this move was taken was notoriously in 1995 when the Republicans successfully brought two charges on then-president Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice pegged to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Paula Jones. While Clinton was later acquitted of these charges by the Senate, it may be hard to argue the same for Drumpf after all the damage he has done in three weeks.

“Donald Trump has refused to step away from his business interests in any meaningful way,” Nadler said in a statement announcing the move. “His foreign entanglements are likely unconstitutional, he has repeated refused to disclose his financial assets, and he is clouded by the specter of Russian intervention in the election and his Administration.”

The Judiciary Committee must respond to the Articles of Inquiry within 14 legislative days, or Congressional workdays, according to Countable. If the committee doesn’t take up the matter within that time, then Congressman Nadler could bring up the matter directly on the floor of the House of Representatives.

What do you think about this situation? Will Teflon Don evade another attempt at getting him out of the chair? Speak on it in the comments section!

H/T: Countable


  • Jed Tristana

    Shame on you. Shame on Kevito.
    Kevin Martin from Infowars would school you on your point of view.

    What was Hillary going to do for African Americans? What has she done? You scream lies from your OKP rooftop, but your arguments are weak and the fabric of lies.

    Shame on you.

    • Dud Lawson

      never change, okp

    • Jed Tristana

      Never change. Continue to believe that Obama was black and not Muslim. Continue to believe that Michelle is truly a woman and not transgender. Keep on believing whatever the mainstream media and government spoon feed to you.
      Sandy Hook elementary school shooting was a hoax. You are asleep, a sheep being used by the globalist to incite division. Good work

    • Dave McNeill

      Wtf? You two! Lol

    • BrendanRobertDavis

      They are crazy ?

    • chaddythedaddy

      you’re trolling. I call shenanigans. You don’t believe a word of what you say. well played.

    • josiesdog

      Jed Tristana is his troll drag name.

    • Carp88

      I rarely reply but whow is the one believing false,media m.Obama Transgender? Obama Muslim? What Newspaper do you read? Weekly World News? Geez you are the genuine article idiot ,lmao

    • Mike Browne

      Jed doesn’t have enough brains to be an idiot.

    • B4JawsIV

      What a maroon

    • Randevyn Piérre

      ☝?You’re COMPLETELY delusional–and there are too many of you crawling out of holes with ballots.

    • scottrose

      You are a very disturbed individual and should promptly seek the help of a professional mental health care provider.

    • nightrale814

      Lol you’re fucked in the head

    • Mark

      Hey in bred Jed, what color is the sky in your world?

    • M. Rohner

      If she had done nothing at all in the first 30 days it would have been more productive than this so-called President.

    • Jed Tristana

      Such a good argument. My how you’ve done your research.
      Enjoy your anti-American sentiments.
      Goldman Sachs, Saudi Arabia, George Soros, the MSM, Hollywood – all together were pulling for your satanic Clinton.
      Have you not learned anything about corruption and globalization?
      Are you harping about Obama’s stolen social security number?
      His forged birth certificate.
      His secretive past to throw you off his love for Islam.

      You have been lied to, cheated, further dumbed down and enslaved in what should be the greatest country in the world. Yet, nope. Poverty everywhere. Racial tensions through the roof.

      Your arguments are zilch, because you have nothing to argue with except screaming ‘racist!’

    • M. Rohner

      You’ve got some nerve name-checking Sachs with the cabinet your lovers just confirmed.

      I see the poverty, which your policies aim to escalate. I see the racial tension, which your allies foment. But if you’re really still on the birther train, you aren’t qualified to act like you recognize the truth.

      And look how desperate you are for an argument, crying about being called a racist when I did nothing approaching that.

      Someone find this vapid apologist his safety blanket. The fuck out, Bob.

    • Philly Ciz

      Once he said InfoWars we knew he was a troll. Typical uneducated bafoon following Steve Bannon, Alex Jones and a bunch of Russian fed websites with fake informaton

    • Philly Ciz

      The same Saudi Arabia where Trump does business? The one he excluded from his ban although damn near all of the 9/11 terrorists came from? The same place Bin Laden is from? Oh yea, that Saudi Arabia. George Soror is the Alt-Right boogeyman lol. Show me a paper trail. Also last I checked Trump was a reality tv star. I know people in Hollywood with actual degrees, who do actual philanthropy, who are active in actual grassroots campaigns to do good. You clowns mad they are on TV? So was your savior. Cabinet full of Goldman Sachs cronies. Donald Trump is as American as his ties and his daughter’s ugly clothing line

    • scottrose

      Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with this.

      The topic is Trump’s alleged violations of the law.

      Get with the topic.

      If you’re accused of grand larceny in a court, you can’t use as defense “Somebody else would have stolen more than I did.”

    • JanBer

      Wow, the Infowars propaganda must be really good, sure made a true believer out of you, lol

    • You left out where Obama murdered his gay lover and Benghazi… SOP for a RW argument circa 2008-2016 and equally irrelevant – just like this comment.

    • janon

      You hate us. We definitely hate you.

      Let’s just acknowledge that and start the divorce proceedings.

      You don’t get the wealth of the “blue states” though. You get that right?

      Or are “filthy libs” only good when they’re supporting the economy?

      Go create your “red state” utopia with your regressive pals and we’ll pick up the pieces in our “blue cesspool” and move forward.

      Corporations can pick which country they want to be a part of. You people worship the “free market” right?

      Or did you all really believe we’d just shuffle quietly along with your racist, regressive, homophobic, misogynist, protectionist, ignorant, backwards, BS?

    • cm


    • josiesdog

      Now, you know that is the only way many of them can defend Trump’s actions is to deflect and say “but so and so did…..”

    • B4JawsIV

      Info wars are bunch of flat earther lizard people believers. GTFO with your non arguments.

    • Randevyn Piérre

      At this point, it’s not about what Hillary ‘would have done’ for any group of Americans at all. We can just look at the historic damage we’re seeing now that WOULDN’T have been done with her behind the desk. That fact alone makes a strong case for her being the common-sense choice. This “president” is uniquely destructive and it is impossible to logically deny that reality.

    • Mark

      Gee wiz Jed, try to stay on message. This wasn’t about Hillary in case you need help following the bouncing ball.
      Pay attention please.

  • Leslie Bruner

    I want a president who is pro-life and pro-environment. You cannot be pro-fracking and pro-life. Clean water is life. Humans HAVE to have it. There are PLENTY of Republicans who do not want our waterways fracked into oblivion, polluted with radium 226, 228, and uranium 238, which is absorbed into our bones like calcium, causing bone cancer. Frackers already have a huge problem disposing the frack water that is used to drill a well—up to 20 million gallons a well. They concentrate this and it is called TENORM, and dump it illegally into landfills across the nation that will only hold water for 30 years–when the radioactive half-life on TENORM is 5000 years. I am a Republican FOR the environment. I am TIRED of FRACKERS infiltrating the Republican
    party. If Trump can be educated on the dangers of fracking, and REVERSE the executive orders on fracking, and divest himself from the interests of Big FRACKING, then I would say keep him as president. If the man cannot be educated, and will not listen to science, and continues to be vested in the fracking industry, then he
    meets the criteria for impeachment. Being President does not give one permission to grease the palms of all your business interests, to the detriment of the health and well-being of the country you are supposed to lead. RepublicEn is a group President Trump might consider joining.

    • cm

      You think he’ll listen?! Mr. Tramp doesn’t even listen to SCIENTIST that has been studying for decades… And you think he’ll listen to anybody… FAIL!!! Mr. TRAMP AND HIS TEAM ARE A BUNCH OF FAILURES!!!

    • shel

      Don’t understand why they are not getting him and his wolves out

    • Levon

      Why do people listen to politicians and politically motivated reporters and documentary directors when it comes to learning about things like fracking, ect? Why not take a gander at a real explanation of the process from an unbiased source, or maybe read some actual studies on the impacts of the process on the environment.

      There is NO concrete evidence that fracking is harmful to the environment. There IS concrete evidence that it is a VERY good step in the direction of U.S. oil independence.

    • ezduzit757

      No evidence, except for all the earthquakes in Oklahoma

    • Jim Ingram

      Don’t forget the water you can light on fire. Just sayin

    • Levon

      This is exactly what I am talking about. Do you really think you are going to get unbiased or truthful info from a political documentary?That documentary has been proven to be false. Methane did not come from fracking in that documentary.

      Use your brain, go to the source, read the studies. After you see it in a documentary, it has been filtered through 30 people’s opinions for you. Use your own brain, go to the source, have your own opinion.

    • Ethan

      There are a lot of studies that say different things. All of the studies done in Pennsylvania were done by the DEP. The DEP is literally known for doing nothing but letting environmentalists and real scientists down by taking massive amounts of money from companies like Massey and Halliburton. Then they release all of that great, too good to be true news about how nice and clean everything is. Not to mention these companies have an enormous impact on politics. With all of the lobbyists spitting out hundreds of millions of dollars a year to influence political decision. This is why the Halliburton loophole exists. This is why mountain top removal was legalized again. This is why the clean water act is going right out the window. The lobbying is not something that can be ignored because its just fact.

    • Levon

      I agree that lobbying is a problem, but that doesn’t change the fact that the closer to the source your information is, and the more skeptical (NOT dismissive, there is a difference) you are of it, the more grounded your opinion will be.

      Reading a study that has been slanted by an agenda with a bit of skepticism is obviously better than reading a documentary about a news report about a study of a study, all of which are progressively further slanted by a political agenda and accepting it as accurate or factual.

      The documentary about the flaming water is a perfect example. Said documentary has been proven to have wrongly attributed the methane to fracking, and the documentary presented almost no factual basis for any of its claims.

      I don’t have a problem with environmentalism. I have a problem when it is hijacked by a rabid political agenda to stir voters and further the goals of seizing power by some politician. I also have a problem with those very voters never once considering the REAL cost of environmentalism.

      Everything should be considered on a risk/reward or cost/benefit basis. Is it worth it to reduce CO2 emissions by 0.02% over 10 years at the cost of 4 trillion dollars? Is it worth it to save an endangered tree frog at the cost of thousands of human lives?

      We have to be intellectually honest and responsible. This trend where politicians on both sides spoonfeed us a story loosely based on facts and warped to present some doomsday scenario about planetary destruction or mass takeover by illegal immigrants, its gotta stop. It is up to us to sort through the bullcrap.

      The MSM has completely lost credibility. Social media is plagued with censorship issues. We are too fixated on building echo boxes and hanging on the words of fanatics like Alex Jones.

      It is up to us to stop all this crap.

      Back to fracking. There ARE legitimate concerns about the chemicals (NOT oil or natural gas, the synthetic chemicals that are pumped into the rock layer) used in the process leeching into groundwater sources. However, there have been an extremely low number of reported cases. But fracking offers too many benefits to America (not just rich fat cats, all Americans) to write it off completely because there MIGHT be a slight threat to the environment.

      We just don’t know yet, so far it looks pretty safe. Lets stop tearing our hair out until we know something.

    • Ethan

      I understand what you’re saying. And I am absolutely not against fracking. We could pull over a trillion dollars straight from the Marcellus shale. The economic benefits are incredible. The only issue is the regulation. Nobody even knows what chemicals they use because they don’t even have to disclose that information. And they’re paying these small water treatment plants to partially clean the water. All we need is regulation, a president who will actually fix Energy Policy Act, and have the fracking regulated by the Clean Water Act of 1974 once again.

    • Levon

      I don’t see why we need a slog pit of regulation. Wouldn’t it just be easier to devote all that time and money into a simple process of regular water supply testing and levying hefty fines on sources of contamination?

      Turns out that oil+gas industry is actually the leading contributor to water reclamation R&D and tech. Takes a lot of water to get oil out of a well, even the old fashioned way and not with fracking. Water is very much a part of oil industry and that has led to big advancements in clean water. In many ways, it is a good idea to reduce burdening regulations on oil companies to free up some capital for this R&D.

      So that’s why I am skeptical of heavy regulation. Some, yes, but only the minimum necessary.

      I do agree that oil+gas should release chemical list if they don’t already. I had not heard that, so I will have to double check if it is true.

    • Jesse Yandow

      ^^^Kinda sounds like someone has skin in the game…

    • Levon

      I am arguing both sides to present a centrist argument.

      In what way does that sound like I have skin in the game?

      You leftist weirdos truly do have an amazing talent for fabricating your own personal realities.

    • Randy Brown

      I lived in Oklahoma and have lived through the quakes. They are real and they did not exsist before fraking became widespread.

    • Levon

      Ok, that’s all fine, but you realize there is a huge difference between what you just said and saying “fracking causes the quakes?”

    • Lori

      That was proven a hoax. It was setup. But don’t get me wrong I do believe that fracking should be illegal as it is not good for the environment.

    • Levon

      Oh come on. Did you read what I wrote? Consult an actual scientific paper. No evidence to link earthquakes to fracking. Do you even know how fracking works?

    • Erik Egadz

      Drop some science Levon. Share some of your scientific papers.

    • Scott Nelson

      Then the franking industry should be required to disclose every chemical they use and amounts so that all water used and waste can be tested fully before one drop is ever returned to the water supply. But no they hide behind “proprietary formulas” so they don’t have to disclose what chemicals they are pumping into the water table. Instead they usually bankrupt the operation of an individual site prior to abandoning in so there is no $ for proper cleaning up the site. They should be 0% impact during the operation and decommissioning and the site should be returned to its natural state. Same with coal. Why did they cut the regulations on releasing mine waste into the water supply? There is no excuse for any site, franking or coal to have any discharge from their sites other than what was before the operation. They don’t like it then no permits.

    • Levon


    • Paul Moschetta

      Levon, I’d suggest you get an education but something tells me you’re too ignorant to open a book.
      We cannot be energy independent under Capitalism. The only way that could happen is if the government controlled who companies sold their product to and if that is the case, then we become communists.
      You are dumber than a box of rocks

    • Levon

      Let me get this straight. Your claim that we cannot become energy independent without nationalizing our energy assets and becoming communist. You support your argument with the following:

      “An argument from authority (Latin: argumentum ad verecundiam), also called an appeal to authority, is a common type of argument which can be fallacious, such as when an authority is cited on a topic outside their area of expertise or when the authority cited is not a true expert.”

      “Ad hominem (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself.”

      Allllllllrighty then. Might want to check yourself before you riggity wreck yourself.

      P.S. I’m pretty confident in my STEM degree, but I make it a habit not be be baited into sharing personal details by authoritarian collectivists so I’ll leave it at that.

    • Cheryl G

      Not enough study has been done, that’s why. They know if they “look into it, people will find out the UGLY TRUTH!”

    • Levon

      There is PLENTY of money being thrown behind studies to find an “ugly truth.” If you think nobody has anything to gain from undermining the oil and gas industry, you are fooling yourself. The EPA has palettes of cash delivered to it daily by left-wing politicians that stand to gain monetary advancement from environmental lobbyism and power from a vast environmentalist voter base.

      The EPA, and incredibly slanted regulatory agency, could not even make conclusive findings that fracking is indeed a quantifiable threat to drinking water. They only posited that it “could” be a threat. If the EPA can’t come out and give us the scoop on an “ugly truth” then that’s not a good sign that there is any Ugly Truth at all.

    • B4JawsIV

      Name one republican that fits your standards. Seriously. You said there are plenty, so name a single one. I dare you.

    • Ethan

      Fracking isn’t nearly as bad as the coal industry when it comes to environment issues. I live in West Virginia, and it is an every day battle for a lot of us here. Fracking is also a problem, but only because it is almost completely unregulated. They pull millions of gallons of water directly from our streams. When the fracking is complete, they pay our local water treatment plants millions to clean their millions of gallons of contaminated water. Our water treatment plants can’t fully clean the water so they just dump it back In half clean. If it was regulated, there would be no such problems. They would clean their own water, and stay away from public drinking water and streams. The coal industry is a much larger dilemma. We have so many mountains that have been absolutely decimated with complete habitats being wiped out along with them. When the come back and “reforest” the mountains, trees can’t even grow. They are no longer natural and the grass itself is scarce. George Bush and Dick Cheney made this possible. With Trump in office, we might even lose the EPA. I’m sad to see such dark times for our nation

    • John Judge

      Because nothing says freedom like some company injecting poisonous water in our underground aquifers. Ask how happy they are in Oklahoma where they went in five years from 1 earthquake a year to 1,000+. Ask how happy they are in rural south Texas where there are people who have well water that is flammable. Ask who is going to pay to upgrade the buildings of Oklahoma to being safe for a new seismic zone? Who is paying to bring in water for the people of Texas or buy their property? No one.

    • Cheallaighlynn

      oh i don’t know, being able to light your water on fire… might be a slight issue..

    • Katrina Suzanne Eowyn Hanneman

      that is fake water 😉

    • Robin Heide

      Finally a real Republican speaks!!!!

    • anti-oppression

      It is so sad how the country has shifted so far toward fundamentalist ideologies. When I was young, we have called anyone with Obama’s policies a republican. Things have shifted so far right in an effort to satisfy religious fanatics and tea party extremists, that the current administration can’t be called republican – it is not politics now – It is an orchestrated dictatorial take over of our government by white supremacists in the party – VERY frightening! Why are mainstream republicans going along with it?

    • Jamie Pinson

      I’m pro choice but I’m also pro environment like you are so we do have that common ground. I do like your stance and argument that one cannot be pro life if they are against the environment. I believe you are the first Republican I’ve heard make this argument. One thing I intensely dislike about the GOP is how they say one thing but their actions prove another. They claim they love god and children and yet will always take that hard cold cash to destroy our environment. Such hypocrisy. Democrats are hardly immune to hypocrisy either.

      BTW I’m not so pro choice that I think people should just be having abortions left and right. There are plenty of programs that offer free contraceptives and birth control. Condoms are dirt cheap. Also if you do end up pregnant there are a lot of great families out there who can’t have kids and would love nothing more than to adopt a child and give it all the attention and love it needs. There are better options…..but at the end of the day it is NOT MY CHOICE nor is it my body. I do understand where you’re coming from though and even if I somewhat disagree with you I really can’t disagree with the fact that you love all life because there is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all.

      So nice to hear a sane voice in all of this.

    • slink61

      Are you both also anti-war and anti-death penalty? Are you aware that women and their unborn children die under “pro-life” policies?

    • fernaig

      Condoms are cheap but fail. Many men refuse to wear them. Women are not always able to refuse their partners for many reasons that anyone with empathy can probably work out. The pill fails. The IUD is the best method but is prohibitively expensive for the women who need it most.

    • Gitaelia

      And IUDs also fail.

    • Gitaelia

      I’d also like to point out that if a man rapes the woman, she still has to carry that responsibility while he runs away.

    • Katrina Suzanne Eowyn Hanneman

      and now there is legislation being put forth that if a man rapes a woman and gets her pregnant, he can SUE for her to deliver his baby and get paternal rights.

    • Paul Moschetta

      I am pro choice, the government needs to step away from what women do with their bodies. Abortions are not an easy concept of decision for any woman, but why humiliate them with ridiculous laws to hold a funeral for a fetus,. In the Bible since the conservaturds all claim to be Christians, God himself said, life does not happen until its first breath and the fetus cannot live outside the womb on its own

    • anti-oppression

      We need to be honest with our terms here – can we agree to that? Let’s stop using jargon to hide from truth. Everyone is pro-life whether they are pro-choice or anti-choice. Women who have impossible situations that lead them to the need to choose to end pregnancies are not “anti-life.” They cannot give a good life to a child and choose not to have one for any number of reasons that are none of our business. I am not in favor of using abortion as birth control but I know people make mistakes. I also know that unwanted children brought into the world, particularly in families that cannot afford to feed them, are far more likely to have horrific lives. What about the quality of life – that seems not to matter much to the self-righteous, who think they can force women back into illegal and life-threatening abortions. Life seems to not matter much to republicons, who consistently vote to defund education, health care, and social support for those precious babies they claim to want to protect. Pure hypocrisy at it absolute worst. I think a sign at the Women’s March said it all – “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!”

    • Cheryl G

      I always said, “They are not pro life, they are pro birth!” After that baby is born, not one of them give a crap what happens to it.

    • Albert Hanson

      Not only that, the majority of ‘pro-lifers’ are also ‘pro-gun’ and ‘pro-death penalty’. Talk about inconsistent positions.

    • josiesdog

      The problem is people have tried to educate him on the environment. Leo DiCaprio did not meet with him to suck up. It was an attempt to diplomatically discuss the environment with him. Trump will not change his mind even IF he understands the dangers you have cited. He’s already put down clean energy such as wind turbines and tweeted that Global warming was a hoax. (more than once, but not those exact words).

    • Cyndy

      You want to keep him only if completely changes his mind about the one thing you have feelings about? Wake up!

    • Paul Moschetta

      Who gives a FF what you want Leslie, you’re just one voter

    • anti-oppression

      People who value life cannot be opposed to any environmental protection legislation, or to any support of the poor, or to national health care – that is the profound hypocrisy of the republicon party. They want to oppress women who care about life but have good reasons why they may choose to end a pregnancy, but they don’t want to do anything to support or educate that child once it is part of the planet the aim to destroy. Their immoral positions on all life affirming legislation exposes them for the corrupt charlatans they are.

    • Lisbeth Noelle Secon Rothe

      The fracking information you post is wrong! Fracking has been proven to be safe, as it has nothing to do with the water tables. To insinuate that fracking and abortion are equally heinous is wrong! Abortion deliberately prevents the live birth of a human being! It is the same thing as committing murder! Fracking has nothing to do with the deliberate taking of a human life! And, the willful murder of a preborn human being is something the Constitution does not deal wilh directly . While the Declaration of Independence does, it is not part of the Constitution, so it cannot be used to cause a President to be impeached! That is why President Trump has stopped the medical payment for abortion!

      This attempt to discredit the election of Donald J. Trump is the work of a group of Democrats who have planned and plotted the overthrow of a man duly elected by the People of the United States simply because they do not like him! President Trump and his staff start each day in prayer! They seek the wisdom of God in all they do! But, because they are human, they will make mistakes, and we, as citizens, have the responsibility to pray, as well, for the leading wisdom of God regarding the governance of this nation!

    • onewiseburdman

      Trump is a criminal and your bat crap crazy. You are what’s wrong with the country and why its heading in the wrong direction.

    • Lisa S Dias Welch

      Surely you’ve been sipping the frack water if you think Frump is a good pres.
      They may indeed start each day in prayer, but they had better be careful what they pray for…not to mention that you have NO IDEA what they pray for!

    • Mary Helen Deer

      Tillerson refused to have a fracking well near his ranch for fear of contaminating the water for his ranch and the animals!

    • Jean Miller

      So how do we dispose of the tainted water from our nuclear energy plants?

  • Michael Gmirkin

    Some days, it feels like Republicans are so anti-Obama that they’ll rubber-stamp anything that someone who’s “not Obama” says or does. Possibly just out of spite.

    So, sadly, my guess is that in the Republican-“led” [if it can be called leadership, with the lack of backbone and common sense or American values on display of late], it won’t get much traction.


    Seems like there should really be an impartial / independent / non-partisan body appointed to investigate and make recommendations regarding claims of unconstitutionality, violation of laws, etc., so it’s not simply a “partisan” issue (be it a “witch hunt” or “witch defense”), and then those findings of fact should lead to charges / impeachment, or dismissal. Again, in as omni-partisan / non-partisan a manner as possible. This is about more than any one man/President, it’s about our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Laws, Morals, etc.

    • onewiseburdman

      There is several such bodies that the republicans tried to abolish on their first day in office.

  • Kris Mccleery

    Sounds too good to be true … Can it be ???

    • aryanson

      Only in your dreams, but if it happens, CIVIL WAR!!! Cops love him, The militaty loves him, And all those deplorables, that, as Obozo said, who cling to their guns and Bibles love him.

  • Brian Brewer

    This is good news and scary at the same time. Not sure how I feel about Pence being president.

    • Jason

      I don’t know how I feel either Brian but I think at least Mike Pence has some class and he has political experience. Trump has ZILCH!

    • scottrose

      Pence while an extreme religious right winger is not as unstable as Toxic Donald.

      He wouldn’t likely be insulting judges on Twitter, talking out of his rear end about nuclear weapons, et cetera.

    • Jason

      Right on Scott

    • Florence MacKenna

      Exactly. Pence would do a lot to try and hurt LGBT rights, but at least he wouldn’t spend every day doing something outrageous, unconstitutional or outright treasonous.

    • onewiseburdman

      Pence is about to get indicted – so is Trump. Watch the news – since your post is old. May God save the nation….

    • ritzy1

      Indicted for what?

    • Carl E. Boxler

      My question exactly

    • Irving Jack


    • Char Stone

      Are you kidding? PENIS has no class except one of living in the 1800’s. And trying to take away people’s rights by any way he can. Even the republicans in Indiana are overturning his “laws” in that state where he was Governor!!

    • Florence MacKenna

      I mean, real talk, I do not want that monster being President either, but think about it. Do you think Trump will stop him from doing any of the things we’re afraid of him doing as President?

      The way I see it, we can either deal with Pence, or we can deal with Pence AND Trump.

      I say, get Trump out of office now, and we can deal with Pence when we get there. We gotta take this fight one step at a time.

    • John Eng

      I agree 333 % … !!!

    • I echo that thought and add Paul Ryan as VP would also be scary. Both are on the zealotous side of pushing thier faith and values. I can respect that if their respect was reciprocated for differing values of other Americans. When it is used to formulate policy and budgets, it becomes nonconforming to the spirit and purpose of our Constitution. Our leaders should represent our freedoms as individuals, not govern based on the paradigm of their beliefs.

    • Jean Miller

      Our freedoms are God given. Smh read the constitution again.

    • Barbara Doone

      As bad as Pence is, at least he’s not (as) mentally ill as 45.

      AND, his extreme right-wingnut ideology would make it very hard to be re-elected in 2020, particularly in the political climate 45 and company have created.

      45 must go. Period.

    • Not to mention he’ll hit a wave of resistance trying to trample human rights…and it may work out that we can get rid of him too in the same process. If he’s that close to narcissist trump you know his hands smell like shit too

    • Iris Gonzalez

      But many things could change. Pence would be handled by Congress until 2018, and in 2020 it out.

    • onewiseburdman

      It looks like Pence is all caught up in this as well. From solely a historical perspective we may see a once in a century if not national history impeachment, Pence, Trump(Bannon) and The SOS gone. Constitutional crisis? I think so….

    • if impeached they all have to go the whole adminstration

    • ritzy1

      Pence might have to go as well!

    • thehoaryhound

      Hopefully it would weaken Pence and all Republicans, but yes, Pence is truly devious

    • Char Stone


    • Paula Kendrick

      Definitely Trump stinks to high heaven an embrassment to our nation on a scale never seen before

    • Native 1


    • Michael Blanc

      He wont be. He is also entangled in the same crimes. They would need to pick somebody further down the line.

    • Done to Death

      Pence is implicit in the wrongdoing of the administration. He’s going down with the ship.

  • Handy Duckster

    He is in violation of emoluments. But without the votes, as they had in 95, it won’t happen. But I love tying him up with shit like this.

  • We Got Deathstar

    What is there to stop him from getting the forms sabotaged or something?

  • Rod R

    You mean he doesn’t listen to scientist who have admitted to cooking the numbers? He’s kicking ass and done more than “horse of Muhammad” did in 8 years. We love him and he won’t be impeached. Sorry libs.

    • Carol-Lyn Thorpe-Taylor

      Done more? You’re funny! 🙂

  • eatberry1

    Three cheers for Jerrold Nadler; may his tribe increase and his cause–our cause–prevail.

  • anonymouse

    As someone who is looking from the outside in at American politics, I really despair of your country.

  • John Angrisani

    This is beautiful. Left wingnuts having a “let’s impeach Trump” slumber party. Good luck with that one.

    • Guru Datta

      Anything is possible my friend. The million dollar question is what is probable. Is it probable that Trump is not going to face impeachment based on his own actions of omission and commission ? Nah – Highly improbable, What is very probable is that his wayward autocratic ways is likely to have him hosed down good. All these takes time and here we are already with a discovery motion !

      Less than 2 weeks. WOW. I’d approach this with a wait and watch attitude. He’s going down no doubt and he’s the maker of his own destiny.

    • Liverwurst14

      John, this is how is started with Nixon. It took 2 years but Nixon got impeached. We’ll get it done.

  • Ironfrog

    I love President Trump regardless what others think. Keeps his promises, I like his fresh approach. I like that his stracight forward. I wanted all his policies. Impeachment would tick me off because I’m one of the demographic who wants him. I personally don’t care if he keeps his businesses or not. Got to have a job when your done with the presidency. As long as he continues to put the country first that’s all that matters to me. He has worked his ass off Since he has gotten in. He had showed his serious about what he said he would do. I’m 200 percent pleased with him. I think the democratics in office need to give him a shot and quit thinking that only they have s right in office. We are all allowed to run. Democrats are showing that only they have the right to run. They are wrong. Don’t care if others don’t like me liking him. I have a right to my political opinion too! I love that he makes us little guys count. He didn’t forget the working class! This is one female who isn’t offended by him at all. His not a racist, xenophobic, homophobic person.

    • A republican will give him a shot.
      His own party will assassinate him in time if he’s not forced out of office before hand.
      Mark my words… or he’s likely to get marked for his.

    • prettymeadow

      You are deluding yourself. Trump is about to start WWIII and you think he is great? He is creating enemies left and right even of our normally best allies. Not to mention the fact that he is functionally illiterate and has no idea what those executive orders he’s signing actually say.

      He was even surprised that he assigned Steve Bannon(the Breitbart white supremacist) to a permanent member of the National Security Council.

      Dark days are ahead for the USA if this baby-man keeps the presidency. He is in way over his head and he is totally uninformed on both diplomacy and on how government works, not to mention on how treaties work.

    • Molly Oxen

      Who do think his mortgage bill will affect? Lower and middle class use fha the most , an hour after he is sworn in he decides to suck up even more money from the people he said he would protect.millions are still without insurance, he got a seal team messed up,one dead. Please explain exactly what he has done besides spew feces from his mouth? Only Con artist talk with their hands like he does, to distract from all that hot air. On top of that we get to pay for a useless wall that this hunchback grandstander promised Mexico would. America is now the laughing stock of the world. Can’t even argue with anyone anymore ,it’s like a mic drop when they say Drumpf is your president, there’s no comeback for that.

    • luvn8s

      The operation you refer to where the Navy seal was killed was already planned by Obama. It was already set to take place the night of the 24th prior to Trump taking office. Do a little research. I may not have been happy with everything Obama did in pffice and I may not have voted for him but I supported him because he was my President and my sons Commander in Chief. I may not have voted for Trump and I may mot support everything he does either but I also didn’t vote for the bigger criminal of the two. My son fights for this country and I support whatever President we have because instead of looming like a bunch of jackasses we should should be worming together and looking to the future. Peolle are so caught up in their poor hurt feelings and unwilling to work as the strong country we used to be we are dividing further and further everyday.

    • janon

      I think we need to divide it further.

      I dont want to share a country with people who legitimately believe that HRC is a “bigger criminal” than the sbag in office right now.

      We’re two different countries. I have *no* interest in living in yours. You have *no* interest in living in ours.

      It’s time to divide things up and move on. You people can all open carry silenced assault rifles, mine coal, trust billionaires to give you piece work jobs and protect you from browns, ban Muslims and gays, make abortion illegal, teach prayer in school, “privatize” *everything* (healthcare, welfare, prisons, police, schools, you name it), deregulate all of your industries, and go on an invasion spree bombing civilians all over the world to “create safety”

      Good luck to you. You can do it all in the name of your “god”

      The rest of us will attempt to put the pieces back together and emulate Norway and bring charges against your “brave new nation” at the Hague.

    • luvn8s

      Wow. You got all that from my comment about working together? How do you know where I stand on abortion, guns, welfare and immigration? You are all about didviding this country? You are obviously part of the problem and unwilling to find solution. Solution to problems isn’t going off and making your own team because you no longer like the rules. Solutions come when people act like adults and reasonably come together with many ideas and find common ground. Just because you don’t like how the game isn’t goimg doesn’t mean you grab your ball and go home. Have you ever had to sit through a negotiation? Have you ever prchased a car for instance and came to an agreement on price or did you just give whatever they said they wanted? It isn’t an all or nothing when it comes to government and just because Trump says certain things don’t believe unless they happen that they will be true. We still have democracy. There are 3 branches of government for a reason the President can not bypass and make law like a dictator. There is a system of checks and balances for a reason. I’m sorry you feel the country should be divided that is truly sad. I have many friends with different views than mine and we all try to give the others our best pounts of views to educate and let them understand how we feel in certain issues. I can honestly say we have changed each others minds on some things and others we choose to disagree bit never have we said we will divide and never speak. To me that is truly sad.

    • josiesdog

      “Keeps his promises”
      Supporters “Lock her up”
      Trump “Worst people ever. I am going to appoint a special prosecutor”
      Supporters “Lock her up”
      Trump: “I don’t want to do that. They are good people” “that only counted before the election”

  • Ruth Deutsch

    Trump isn’t really a Republican. He’s really an independent – in his behavior, his “thinking”, and personality. He will go down in history as “The Biggest Loser”President. Every day I turn on the TV to see what has Trump done now to insult or criticize someone or lie about reality. He’s a joke to the rest of the world. Have you seen the Netherlands video “Make the Netherlands Second?” (This is a parody on his “make America first”.) He should be impeached for his conflicts of interest at the very least and locked up in Trump Tower. No decorum. He doesn’t do his homework. I wonder how Melania and Ivanka really feel about him… Twitter should remove his account for lying to the world, aka fake Presidential news!

  • EmmittBrownBTTF1

    As much as Trump is a Cosmic scale jack ass, VP Voldemort, and Senior Presidential advisor and executive order scribe Palpatine may be bigger hazards without him.

  • Trancedjboi1

    The dumb ass even after he is impeached will be on twitter and whine like a little baby. He is the stupidest idiot I think I have ever seen. What a fascist , nazi, dictator, mental case.

  • John London

    It’s too early. It’s not going anywhere. Trump hasn’t pissed off enough Republicans yet. Until they feel confident they will win they’re not going to stick out their necks.

  • Jamie Pinson

    I think Trump needs a simple spelling test. I have my doubts as to whether he can even read. He won’t read long security memo’s. It HAS to be one page only with bullet tags lmao. A lot of rich kids skate by and never have to learn a thing and their daddy buys them good grades. For god’s sake he didn’t even know if the American Dollar is weak or strong so he called a national security advisor who told him “I don’t know.” and maybe you should check with an economist. You would thing such a self professed business mogul would understand the strength of the American dollar. Just one more piece of evidence pointing towards Donald lacking even a fifth grade level of education or intelligence.

    You all just elected a bona fide moron to the White House. Businessmen always make the worst Presidents. You’d think more people would read history books. He fooled you all. Scammers have got to be very encouraged though because apparently there’s a lot of very ripe targets out there. These voters must be the same people who believe that a Prince Kobasugatan needs their help to bring money into the US and if you just give us your bank info then we’ll pay you a bajillion dollars. Look people, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. The rest of us can spot a scam a mile away.

    I’ve never seen a President lie this much or whine this much. He’s clearly got something very wrong with him and Republicans should be horrified and acting as a check on his power. Instead they are doing what they’ve been doing all alone. Burying their head in the sand, putting their finger in their ears, humming nanananana all because they want power. If there were suggestions of ties between Hillary and Russia they would be screaming their heads off. You think Benghazi was bad. They would do NOTHING but hold committees on this but since it’s their boy now they’ve become the biggest group of public hypocrites the world has ever seen and are stonewalling everything. They’ve sold their soul to Mr. Drumpf and mark my words they will be getting nothing in return for the sale. Americans will hold them accountable too. We are NOT a dictatorship. Not yet anyway.

    The ONLY good thing to come of Trump’s win is he’s showing the world how corrupt our government has truly become.

  • morningstar_gglg


    Then go after Ryan,McConnell and Chaffetz for failure to perform their sworn duties.

  • Gail Matson

    All I ask for is a President who does not think he is king. His narcissistic tendencies prevent him from putting the country first.

    • Reg Dunlop

      King Obama

    • Liverwurst14

      More stupid rebuttals from Reg, the King of Dumb.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Hey SJW I love bathing in your tears ? How is that Nutbag Bernie Sanders doing ? Lmao ?

    • Liverwurst14

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, etc.

  • Alexis

    Without support from the House Republicans this is just political theatre at worst, or an attempt to make Republicans go on record supporting Trump at best.

  • Annethefan

    The sooner the better—let’s get this a-hole with Delusional Disorder out of the Office of the Presidency. He is one, sick, demented fk.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Hey SnowFlake Crooked Hillary lost..,,,get over it

    • Liverwurst14

      Hey Reg, we’re not going to stop fighting just because you post stupid rebuttals. Deal with it.

    • Reg Dunlop

      Hillary lost move on – get a job – live your life

    • Liverwurst14

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

  • Salima

    Get it done! How can WE the PEOPLE help? If it’s all about the rich what can we do? Stop rigging these elections, get rid of the electoral college then we can move on to take care of the concerns that really matter then self righteousness. Let’s show our children how to become productive adults, how to handle conflicts with a positive resolution, not grow as babies.

  • Richard k

    He is an untouchable billionaire.Sad!

  • Sally Green Snyder

    Given the line of succession is Pence, Ryan, and the Secretary of Defense (Right?), an Impeachment would rid us of the total craziness of #45. Yet Pence is totally far right fundamentalist. Probably wouldn’t start a world war, and probably would have a better relationship with the military and CIA. Doesn’t give a fig about women, poverty, children, or seniors. But then, no one in the republican party does. We’ll have a lot of damage, regardless. But getting rid of the crazy would help. Essentially, we have NO President in the current situation. Very sad….

    • Reg Dunlop

      You voted for an Anti American Muslim……

  • Reg Dunlop

    Liberalism is a mental health disorder

    • anti-oppression

      Why don’t you go to twitter if you simply want to spew your hate. Educate yourself so that you can contribute something of value the conversation please.

    • Reg Dunlop

      You liberals are such a bunch of whiny cry babies ! Hillary lost so move on !

    • Liverwurst14

      Blah, blah, blah, blah. Put a sock in it.

    • Liverwurst14

      Do you have anything intelligent to say or must we be subjected to more foaming at the mouth?

    • Reg Dunlop

      You would actually be smarter if you HAD Down Syndrome !

    • Liverwurst14

      Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

  • anti-oppression

    Everyone is pro-life 🙂 whether they are pro-choice or not. Those who support a woman’s choice to determine what is best for her health and her family simply support the woman’s right to make that very difficult choice to end a pregnancy. They are not anti-life, just anti-oppression.

  • Sheri Roseboro Summers

    He’s not qualified to be a president. He has no ideal what he’s doing. He got to go real soon. Lord knows it’s a situation already out of control and it’s going to get worser. Please get him out asap.

  • Liverwurst14

    I’ve read the history on Nixon’s impeachment and the process to impeach Trump needs to begin now. It took 2 years to get Nixon impeached and this shows how much documentation is needed to build a case for impeachment. In addition, the public must continue to apply pressure. There are marked similarities between Trump and Nixon including failure to pay taxes.

    So, yes the process needs to begin now. All Presidents should be subject to the impeachment process. No free passes for any of them.

  • Mona

    Trump should be judged as we all are on job performance. He swore to uphold the Constitution, our laws, and stand for the American people. We expect a high level of integrity and a careful measured approach to think, research, discuss and consider consequences before taking action or speaking. This President’s words and actions have caused chaos and confusion in America;. We need someone who can tell the difference between enemies and allies. All Presidents are subject to certain rules and regulations and must work within the law to get things done. By his words and actions, Trump has shown a disregard for the law and various groups of people as well. He instantly cuts down anyone who disagrees with him and may cause war by this impulsiveness. It is serious when a President rejects checks and balances. A new President should be given instruction and time to learn how to get things done and above all, take action to be open and honest, immediately cut all ties with business conflicts, and show that he or his people were not involved in election or other fraud. Trump must learn to choose priorities and not concentrate on alleged issues, such as voting fraud. He must stop sowing fear and hate, which create division and harm. Respectfully, If President Trump ignores or refuses to comply with the laws and the Constitution and takes upon himself the role of a despot, he should be impeached.

  • terriebrick

    Don’t just talk about impeachment do it talk is cheap want to see him and his goons out before they destroy USA and it can’t be fixed he doesn’t care about no-one he’s in it for him self he’s underqualified doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  • Gitaelia


  • VaultDweller73


  • Steve

    Yes I approve of Trump being Impeached.

  • Thadeus P. Thudpucker

    This is going nowhere without broad Congressional support. He does not have that yet. This is mostly likely a Democratic congressman’s attempt to make a name for himself and get on TV and in the news and not much more, alas.

  • Garra Haze

    lol #45 stay taking L’s

  • Albert Hanson

    If this impeachment petition gets blocked then every single Representative who voted to block this should also be impeached.

  • Alan Ramsey

    I hope they follow through with this – my feeling is that there is plenty of material with which to proceed, and the Republicans in Congress now fear that their seats are in jeopardy in 2018 with #45 in office because of the bungling that’s going on with bad executive orders, poor communications, threats to our allies by the President, and no preparation to do the job required.

  • Paul Barth

    When Trumpet is impeached,Pence can follow.

  • Terry Lang

    I disagree on the matter no one is giving trump a chance he’s been trying his best to do what the people want done.

  • Socrates

    This is the same rubbish they tried during the election…move on people.

  • Yaelle G

    Anyone who would willingly stand by this man after just this one thing I’ll describe — JUST PICKING OUT ONE out of so many things he’s done, each one horrible enough in its own right — was very hard because as disgusting as what he did here is, it’s hard to rate it among all the rest.

    Ok so check this out. This is what I wrote online somewhere in a place full of Trump worshippers. Not to troll them but just because I desperately want them to SEE :

    Yaelle Glenn 01:38A

    How do you justify support for ANY man (no matter how white he is!!) who would take advantage of his father’s dementia to influence him into editing his will in order to cut off a sick baby’s health coverage out of spite at the parents???

    That’s pure evil. & this wasn’t many years ago – 1999 or so. HIS OWN NEPHEW. A damn baby! That’s just evil.
    Even for a career con artist, military hating traitor to America.

    Ignore all the bigotry stuff, because you all seem to love that. But look at this one act by Trump, (& the amazing # of people he has stolen from by way of refusal to pay bills) & then try to repeat your blind & unwarranted adulation of him.


    “This was so shocking, so disappointing and so vindictive,” said niece Lisa Trump, whose son, William, was born 18 months ago at Mount Sinai Medical Center with a rare neurological disorder that produces violent seizures, brain damage and medical bills topping $300,000. ”

  • Yaelle G

    In addition to the comment I just left, I think I’ve made peace with Pence possibly taking power because no matter how hateful he is, at least

    a. there will be checks & balances. Not a ton, but some.
    b. you literally can’t get worse than Donald.
    c. at least Pence is an actual career politician with at least SOME knowledge.

  • ritzy1

    Don’t let fear inactivate you. Stand up to this toxic administration and don’t let delusional Bannon bring down his Armageddon on us all!

  • Dan Gul

    Sadly the numbers just aren’t there if it goes to a floor vote. Hopefully some republicans changed their minds about trump. But unless it’s a slam dunk, I doubt this will go far.

  • angelfire1712

    since the Russian connection started during the primaries then Pence would have to be involved or knew about the cover up…so bye, bye Pence.

  • Cheryl Willie


  • Metalicman

    Democraric anarchists are out of control. Time to eliminate the evil Democratic party once and for all! Tired of the damage they have caused by splitting our nation.

  • JamesB

    Do it now. Go for a double and despite his own problems, speaker Ryan would be better than Trump or Pence. Clean slate.

  • Christian Pfluegler

    Let’s do this America- Impeach the Moron. As far as Pence goes- this Retard won’t make it very long anyway…..

  • Shelley Bradford

    It’s about time,but unfortunately Pence isn’t any better. I’m in Indiana and he wasn’t that great as a Governor either. Trump chose Pence because he believed in many views as he did so go figure. I’m afraid if we the people don’t do something fast like impeachment that our country is headed for war.

  • Catherine Bogaerts

    This is what would make America great again, and maybe give the world a real President. Not the lunatic with his whole family in the White house they see now. There is no prestige, no decorum, racist talking, screaming, tweetintg, that is not what a President does. Also he is not capable, ignorant, not on top but on the contrary making shameful mistakes about subjects f.e. Korea being a part of China, he doesn’t know the countrys etc. He is mentally ill, and unstable. He lies, etc. He just does everything wrong. A real shame for the USA

  • Karen

    Definitely should be Impeached for defying the Constitution, Policies and Procedures that all Presidents are committed to. Trump asked Russia to Hack the U.S. Govt. Email Files for Hillary in July. The Comey and FBI Repugs for Trump giving information to Guiliani. It was a very unfair election.

  • Stephen Crouse

    Yahweh, be merciful and forgive our divided and corrupted nation. Please fill President Trump with wisdom and strength against a deceived population, especially that of high places. May our justice department be filled with lovers of truth. May the shameful media be smitten. May sexuality be only honorable, as in marriage, which is between a man and woman. God grant our men to be honorable and our women to return to helping them in noble endeavors, especially the raising of children, having a clean,ordered place to come home to, and a dining table. Please give our people sense to turn off their televisions, computers, and smart phones, and read the Bible.

  • Larry Jones

    All I wanted last November was to elect a President. For my sins my fellow man gave me Trump.

  • get rid of the whole khan,maybe next week when he goes overseas they detain the clown and make america great again

  • Howard Shuster

    Pence criticized Clinton for a private server. He had one himself

  • Howard Shuster

    Biggest narcissist in Congress. He bends in whatever direction suits him. Totally unprincipled

  • Bob Cohernour

    FILING these paper’s don’t mean “squat!! It just tells everyone how desperate these Democrats/ Liberals are. They’re shooting blind. They know if D. Trump is successful, they are DONE. Even THEY don’t know why they LOST. THAT is WHY they LOST!!! STUPID is as STUPID DOES.

  • rev2000

    Too early for success, but good to broach the subject. If you raise an issue enough times .. . other folks will make it the new “norm”. I’m not happy about Pence, but at least he has a head on his shoulders and can take direction. Moreover, mid-term elections will change the complexion of the House,and 2 years later there is the Presidential Election. Pence won’t win, and I’l bet if there is a decent Dem. candidate they will win.


    To whom it may concern

    Dear Mrs. Clinton,
    You are well-known to the whole world as a responsible, highly-professional and moral politician, for whom state’s interests are above your own ambitions. Many sincere friends of the USA, who share its moral values of freedom and democracy, would like to wish you to win the elections. At the same time I am anxious about the similarity between the situation in the USA now and the situation in Ukraine in 2010 when we had to choose between Yanukovych and Tymoshenko! That is why I would like to prevent you from repeating mistakes of the latter, since these mistakes led to tragic consequences. Though there are cultural differences between our states and their potentials can’t be compared, the similarity of geopolitical situation can be observed in holding elections in the conditions of hybrid war with Russia in which our countries are its main goals. It is important to mention that hybrid war has a priority strategy according to which the Kremlin is trying to capture “the central control unit” of the country-opponent due to promotion of its candidates-agents for top government positions to use them for self-ruining of the country as it was in Ukraine. The main mistake of Tymoshenko which led Ukrainian people to the tragedy was inept conduct of the second round of the election campaign, it was burdened by the betrayal of national interests by then acting President Yushchenko and I think the Kremlin was involved in it. Yulia made a number of tactical mistakes, maybe because of incompleteness, maybe because of image-makers’ betrayal who “recommended” her to talk to voters wearing an awkward outfit of a village woman while Presidential candidate should look as a President. But the most tragic and fatal strategic mistake was that she had not told Ukrainian people, that Yanukovych as a President is WAR! First of all, many people have already expressed well-founded assumption that he was a man of Putin, the KGB recruited. Secondly, during the Orange Revolution I had an intellectual analysis of the information war of Russia against Ukraine and concluded it was preparing the annexation of the Crimea and the South East by initializing the civil conflict. This is what I warned NATO, OSCE, Al Gore, Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Aleksander Kwaśniewski and others. There were other serious analysts such as former adviser of Putin, Andrey Illarionov, Russian historian and publicist Aleksey Shyropaev who made similar conclusions. According to the satanic logic of the hybrid war “the Kremlin’s enemies” must destroy themselves. Directly for this, points for objectively existing social tension and fracture in the body of the enemy are searched, after that Russian intellectual agencies initiate the tension level and the process of self-destruction of the object of attack begins. In your country enough people argue that Trump is potentially associated with the Kremlin, based on his surrounding, business interests, scandalous pro-Russian statements, as well as spyware Russian penetration into the social network. An additional argument is that he uses effective Russian information technology in social networks, oriented to the unenlightened, working class population receiving emotional meaningless simulacra rather than a reasoned message content from you. If, God forbid, Trump becomes the President of America, then like Yanukovych he will make such strategic decisions against which patriotic America will rise, and then – something like Ukrainian scenario, which will be burdened not only by Russia, but also by the Chinese presence… We hope that Trump will not be the President, but one should understand and evaluate that the mere fact of his presence in the political top has caused enormous damage to the States not only by the crisis of the Republican Party, but also by Russian society polarization technology in the spirit of the class fascism, using the unenlightened strata of the population to self-destruction of the nation. I really hope that American intelligence agencies are smart enough to reveal the foreign interference in the internal political competition, and Americans will prevent the implementation of the Ukrainian scenario in the US. In any case, American people have a right to know the truth about all the potential threats to their country. Unfortunately, because of the criminal ignorance of our political leaders who had not warned Ukrainian people about that, we pay for this with the lost lives of our patriots.
    Yours faithfully
    Alexander G. Yushchenko,
    NATO Manfred Worner Fellow in artificial intelligence and information technologies
    August 2016

  • Diana Todd

    how can I help impeach 45? what do I as a normal middle class citizen do to proceed with this?