Phonte AKA Tigallo the Tay God AKA medium brother has released artwork and the official track-listing for his forthcoming solo LP Charity Starts at Home via the Foreign Exchange site. Between the two of them there’s no doubt CSAH will showcase both his solidly-grounded grown-man songwriting game and his quirky musical sense of humor. Drops on North Cackalacka Day AKA September 27th–stay tuned for more.

01. Dance in the Reign
02. The Good Fight
03. Everything Is Falling Down
04. Not Here Anymore
05. Eternally
06. Sendin My Love
07. Ball and Chain
08. To Be Yours
09. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night
10. We Go Off
11. The Life of Kings
12. Who Loves You More


  • Anonymous

    That cover is dope.

  • DJ Schwann

    Anybody know, will this album focus more on his singing or his rapping? I imagine it will feature a bit of both either way, I’m just wondering what to expect on the majority of it.

  • Rob23

    so I’m not the only one wondering…
    is it Foreign Exchange-y or Tigallo for Dolo?

  • mt008

    My guess is a bit of both. I hope that there are some guest spots on the album. Maybe Pharoahe returns the favor?

  • I can see it being a mix of both…dope artwork

  • I enjoyed listening to his new album. If you did and looking for the lyrics for all his songs you can read them by following the link bellow.

  • Sweet i like.