Pharrell's "Happy" Gets The Remix Treatment From !llmind With The Rose Tint Boom Trap Remix

Pharrell‘s infectious single “Happy” gets a new lease on its already everlasting life with the arrival of “Happy” (The Rose Tint Boom Trap Remix) from super producer !llmind. The track arrived just after Pharrell’s performance of the track at the Academy Awards and !llmind’s recent #BoomTrap EP. The name of the rework is a play on the perennially positive view imparted by rose colored lenses and the sticky icky trappy goodness peppered throughout the track. The remix changes tempos a few times before !llmind drops down into a pretty sickening break toward the end of the track that will please anyone partial to getting thowed. Check the track below to listen to “Happy” (The Rose Tint Boom Trap Remix) from !llmind. Scroll up and swoon over the killer artwork from Naturel. Purchase Pharrell’s G I R L LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more.


  • Dominic Aragon

    If you want to know what it sounds like when a good song is destroyed and turned into shit, listen to this. Lol

    • Mr. Williams

      While this remix isn’t quite my cup of tea, I think it’ll take way more than this remix to kill the buzz this song has created for itself.

    • Mr. X

      Use to be a smooth melodic, harmonious song. Now it sounds like monotonous noise. Pure SHIT!

    • seangevity

      On the contrary, this is a pretty good remix for what it is. It’s all about context

  • Tracy Corado

    Thanks Karas!!!! Xoxo

  • Ian

    Quite like it, it’s not the original but it uses the bits in interesting ways. Not sure the mood fits the lyrics so well…