Will Smith in Talks to Play the Genie in the Live Action Aladdin Movie

Photo of Will Smith courtesy of Facebook. 

The most important character in Disney’s 1992 classic Aladdin was Genie, who provided much-needed comic relief to the movie. Robin Williams was the man who provided the voice for the character.

With the upcoming live-action Aladdin in the works, you can make the argument that casting the Genie is the most important decision to make. Deadline is reporting that Will Smith is in talks to play the iconic character.

This latest news comes a couple of months after rumors had it he was in talks to star in Tim Burton’s upcoming Dumbo remake. (Those talks ultimately dissolved.)

The live-action Aladdin movie is tentatively scheduled to be released in 2019. Guy Ritchie, the person behind the Sherlock Holmes movies, will direct Aladdin.

H/T: Deadline


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