Pass The Popcorn: Watch The Trailer For 'In The Morning'

Pass The Popcorn: Watch The Trailer For Pan-African Film Festival Favorite 'In The Morning'

In The Morning Film Still 2

This spring Kim Hill (who you may remember from the golden era of the Black Eyed Peas) is set to star in In The Morning, an indie feature that’s set to take this weekend’s Pan-African Film Festival by storm. Set in modern-day Brooklyn and centered around the joy, laughs and sorrows of a life filled with love, In The Morning reveiced the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the UrbanWorld Film Festival and has Okayplayer extra-eager to finally catch it on the big screen.

Ms. Hill plays one of the many protagonists, all young black New Yorkers working to find serenity and satisfaction in their romantic lives. Some are taken, some remain hopelessly single, and most remain somewhere in between. In the Morning is described as a searing journey through the lives of nine smart, fiercely articulate New Yorkers, and at its core is eminently tender; it’s a film about what it means to trust another person, and what can happen when that trust begins to waver. Its director, Nefertite Nguvu, is emerging as a critical new voice in black filmmaking, and In The Morning is her feature-length debut. Read more about the film and its Pan-African Film Fest screening here, and watch the trailer below. All you need is love, but sometimes the heart wants just a little more.

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