Osage x D'Angelo - "Spanish Joint" (Remix)

Osage x D'Angelo - "Spanish Joint" (Remix)

Osage Drops A Remix Of D'Angelo's "Spanish Joint" That Combines Chicken Grease With Crazy Sabor

Osage wades deep into afro-latin territory with a remix of D’Angelo‘s “Spanish Joint” that infuses the original with an irresistibly infectious rhythm and forces the body to move. The track – a total burner that Osage refers to as “the remix I always wanted to hear” – is anchored by an inescapable bass line, percussion that falls across the track like raindrops and the kind of heat that encourages precipitation to form on the walls of the club. Combining chicken grease with crazy sabor, Osage has managed to get this one all the way right. Check the track below to listen to “Spanish Joint” (Osage Remix). Download the track via SoundCloud. Stay tuned for more from Osage.

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