Notice I did not say “Michele Bachman X The Roots” because this is not a karaoke moment with the baddest band in late night on the back up.  As fans of the show know, the Roots try to out-do themselves with subliminal jokes in the walk-out music they play to introduce each of Jimmy Fallon’s late night guests. The ultimate example (until now) may be the time they played the groove from Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True” to intro infamous lip-syncher Ashlee Simpson–including a skip on the hook, right where MV gave lip-synching a bad name the first time around.

Last night, however, changed the whole game when conservative presidential candidate Bachmann was greeted with a funk-punk aria that will be instantly recognizable to fans of Fishbone (watch above). The song is called “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” (<–that is not a value judgement on my part, that is just a fact. That is the name of the song, look it up on discogs) although of course sung with a TV-friendly chorus of “She’s just a: La la la la la-la-la!”

Couldn’t be more timely, considering not only the upcoming election but also the belated recognition as musical pioneers that Fishbone is currently receiving in documentary form (<–exclusive FB interview coming soon to an OKP channel near you!)


  • I think this brief article is the only one that mentioned the fact that the words “she’s just a” was sung along with the “la la la”. It was great and funny because of the snark, but it was delayed justice for a band who were criticized from day one for being who they are, and yet Fishbone were basically the Odd Future of their time, right down to wardrobe and look. Everyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Faith No More to Jane’s Addiction got ahead in the game, while Fishbone had to be the wacky and zany guys who were held back due to a number of reasons, both known and unknown. Fishbone fans have always appreciated their work, and when used as a bit of smart snark and humor, even better. If the roles were reversed, The Roots would have been given medals and a special dinner in their honor.

  • An oxymoron is in order: Intelligent foolishness. I stay up late simply to watch The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. My initial response when I first heard that the Roots were going to be a houseband was, “Oh snap! Quest in stripes and shackles. (Real Roots fans get that allusion)” I’m so glad I was wrong and I continue to stand by The Roots as one of the greatest bands of my generation. Dope commentary for those socially unaware and an excellent tribute and allusion to Fishbone.

  • don

    people getting mad because of a song?? music is powerful. ideas find a way through… much respect roots

  • don

    ps- fishbone played The North Star Bar a couple weeks ago, absolutely amazing

    • chocolate’

      Damn. Didn’t hear about tht North Star gig…I have always loved Fishbone. Cheers to my all time favorite” Homegrown” band for the on-point jab.

  • BHill

    The choice of intro music could not have more apropos. Please do not apologize to this basket case who will wontonly offend whoever she pleases with her atavistic political views. This hypocrite would be quick to evoke the First Amendment if the worm were to turn. In a year no one will remember this nut anyway.

  • Wilson G.

    18 years listening to and loving The Roots down the drain. Unprofessional, sexist, and demeaning. No decency at all. I’ll never listen to this band in the same way again. What a shame.

    • djrubadub

      your lost.

    • crooklynite

      u serious?

    • Tadaaki Hozumi

      Actually, well at least may be now some people who didnt care before are like…. why did she get pranked… oh because… she is crazzzy. oh ok.

    • spr vln

      You won’t here them the same way but, you’ll listen. Sometimes the truth hurt lol…

    • troof tella

      Please stop listening to hip hop in general you sheep motherfucker

  • chill bill

    roots played themselves, straight up! all this pseudo-political slick talk is absurd, grow the hell up!

    • troof tella

      shut up you cupcake eating pansy. you played yourself by waking up today.

  • Midwstreppin

    Roots did their thing. Although an apology was made due to the powers that be I would say f***k that! This BITCH (yes I said it) does not deserve one. I am ashamed to say I am from the state where this batty BITCH (Oops! I said it twice) represents. She basically used her district to get re-elected. And f***k all these people crying about it. Like she never said anything demoralizing to another human being on tv….f***k outta here with that!

    • Tadaaki Hozumi

      I am totally 100% ok with slagging politicians. forget taking the higher road. I want people telling them like it is.

  • You are racists and sexists – you deserve to be fired – and guess what – your band sucks! And your drumming sucks too. Blow me.

    • Downindixie

      Oh please,

      Go phuck your sister or whomever you inbreads sleep with. Mother maybe? SMH

    • el Grande

      The Roots racist? i have no idea what you are talking about. I have been to multiple Roots shows and been a fan for years and have never seen it.

      Sexist? I don’t think so either..

      They obviously don’t care much for Michelle Bachmann but I suspect it has more to do with her politics than her gender or race.

      lastly.. i dont know how much you know about music or instruments but the Roots are one of the most talented bands alive and Questlove (the drummer) kicks ass. If you read (which I doubt) you will find his name in the liner notes on albums from all musical genres.. he is an accomplished drummer, dj, producer,etc.. and you are an internet troll..

  • IQ Smartguy

    The mistake here is that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is not their forum; it is Jimmy’s.I hope Jimmy was in on the joke. If not, then I would have to make a change in bands. If he was, shame on him. MB is not an entertainer, but rather a candidate for the Republican Presidental Nominee. Big difference. Joking is okay, but without letting MB in on the “joke” is a different thing. She was totally oblivious to the song she was walking out to and this poor decision will lead to other high profile guests avoiding the Jimmy Fallon Show in support of MB. I love The Roots and I tune in to Jimmy Fallon because of their involvement in the show. I hope they continue to be a part of the show.

    • troof tella

      fuck jimmy. he wouldn’t have a show without the roots. they go, his rating go.

  • Jenny Fallon

    The Roots need to go to the back of the bus. They are trash and nothing more. They demonstrated they can’t be civil. I’d like to see them get the song “go home negro” at the grammys. Woo hooo, lets then call all those that disagree ‘sensitive.

    First amendment right, eh? well, the roots should go back to the roots and the back of the bus. Thats how I feel after watching that disrespect of a woman and a mother.

    • realjohne

      You’re an idiot–period

  • Downindixie

    Look Everybody,

    Quest made a mistake, a horrible mistake! I don’t what he was thinking. But we all make mistakes. Let’s forgive, forget and move on. Damn Amir! Really?!

  • Tom Clark

    I love that The Roots did this, for all you people who are complaining about it FUCK YOU. if you like listening to groups that don’t have opinions, don’t have any creativity, and don’t have any sense of fun then I don’t know why you started listening to The Roots in the first place

    • troof tella

      well said homie

  • el Grand

    inappropriate? Maybe.. (although i was highly amused)… It could be inappropriate if Jimmy was not in on the joke. Sexist? im not seeing it at all.

    It did however only make me LOVE the Roots even more than I already do!

  • ahmir

    Where’s the “love” quest? What a tasteless intro for Mrs. Bachman, you should be fired. You hate her because she is a conservative but It’s liberal asshole nigger idiots like you and your moron president that are ruining this country. I don ‘t give a shit how great your band is, you are a lowlife.

    • Midwstreppin

      I am assuming by your post you are you must be on the wrong side. And if you are it’s funny how you people are always trying to down play how you are not racist but yet you are on here spewing your racist rant. And when in the fuck did this issue become about race? Where in the song did you hear anything race related? But it goes to show you that you people always got race on your mind and have are itching to call somebody a “nigger”. Oh I forgot you can’t be racist because you Cain on your side. You got your panties all in a bunch cause of a song but I didn’t hear an uproar when Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were booed at NASCAR event WHEN they were to support military families (nothing political about it) and I thought you people were so patriotic? I didn’t see NASCAR apologizing about that. Can’t wait for Undun to drop and if you don’t like the Roots are officially not Roots fan anymore because this bullshit, get the fuck outta here, off this page and go listen to some Tobey Keith.

    • troof tella

      lol @ the fox news people trying to post garbage here. pussies use the n word on an online forum. that’s a bitch move.

  • Wilfstatr

    Pass the what?!
    Pass the popcorn!

    (Y’all needs to chillax – ish was funny as fu…:)

  • danny baugh

    Fuck Michelle Backmann and the tea klux klan. She says nothing when they disrespect our president so fuck that cunt.

  • Billy Penn

    I’m glad to see someone from the creative community using their platform to express their views. At least they are participating in the process whether it’s showing support or disdain. In the current state of the U.S. political world, it’s important to keep a constant conversation and unfortunately not everyone enjoys Congressman Bachmann. Thanks to The Roots for using their voice in this matter.

  • troof tella

    Fuck that lying ass bitch.

  • B Gonzales

    As I read this article and the comments I’m wondering to myself “Did The Roots ever stop to think about the effect their “snark” might have on Jimmy Fallon?” It seems to me they made their point at Jimmy’s expense and the expense of others that work on LNJF. I think what they did was terrible for more than one reason. It’s not brave to humiliate a political candidate on a forum that is known for being friendly to guests. If she had been going on The View she would have known what to expect. In my opinion, it would have made more of an impact if they refuse to play any music for her at all. It’s not brave to mock her in music she’s never heard of and brag about it on twitter. Yes I follow Questlove, I knew something was going to happen way before the show. Questlove, If you have something to say, say it to her face. That’s what a man does.
    A friend does not use a forum that is not his, to express his political POV. He does not put others he works with, and his so called friend, Jimmy Fallon, in the line of fire for his opinion. I’ve read so much on this, people saying Jimmy threw Questlove under the bus for apologizing. I think Questlove threw Jimmy under the bus with his underhanded tactics. I get it, this woman is off. I don’t support her so I can’t say for sure all the things she goes on about. I do support The Roots. Roots what were you thinking? Why would you hurt your co-workers like this? To say people at NASCAR booed Michelle Obama therefore we have the right to do this is wrong. NASCAR can’t be responsible for the reaction of some people in a crowd. I hold myself to a higher standard than people who would dare to boo the First Lady AND Mrs Biden. Shame on them! I’m better than that! I’ve read as many tweets as I can going into Jimmy Fallon and The Roots twitter accounts from people. They have been called horrible horrible names. Names I would never use. Names I didn’t know people still used. We live in a racist and ugly world you need to have your friend’s back. If you don’t who will? The Roots hurt many people with their behavior and should apologize to the fans, to Jimmy and to Michele Bachmann. It would seem there is something wrong with that woman so why act like a fool yourself. Who is more foolish in the end, a fool or one who fights with a fool. I hope they stay on the show and conduct themselves in a professional way, separating personal feelings from work requirements. If they can’t do this they should resign. I have appreciated the show and the musical guests I’ve seen on there that I would never have seen on any other major network. Seeing Tyler the creator on that show blew my mind! Thank you Jimmy Fallon for giving hip hop a place on TV to call home. ~Questlove, on the same day you tweeted about Bachmann you also tweeted negatively about Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber. You need to consider more carefully the things you say. I love The Roots so it’s doesn’t bring me joy to say these things. Consider this: A slap from a friend is better than a kiss from an enemy. A wise man accepts rebuke.

    • Midwstreppin

      When did I say it was right because people at the NASCAR event booed The First Lady and Mrs. Biden? I simply stated how no one from NASCAR or people who represent that type of crowd apologized for their behavior (lack respect) towards The First Lady and Mrs. Biden. Hell it wasn’t even on the news. But maybe that’s a good thing because it shows how the so-called liberal media didn’t trip on stupid shit like all these uptight conservatives (and others) did with this. But besides all that I support you Roots keep doing it and fuck all the rest on how they feel/felt about the situation.

  • mike krause

    The Roots should be fired and the reason they have not been is obvious! If they had an iota of class exemplified by Ms. Bachmann, they would shamefully resign! Defining deviancy down, they ignorantly proceed, embarrassing Fallon, who should have the courage to have them fired or quit himself! What a double standard! Where are the feminists now? Only certain kind of women have rights, and only certain kinds of people get fired!! So long Jimmy!

  • Fishbone address the Bachmann controversy in a new interview.
    please click my name ‘blackgeekgirl’ for the youtube link.