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OKP News: John Forte Speaks on Prison and New Projects

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Speaking of HuffPost, John Forte contributed an essay/op-ed article to the blog yesterday talking at length about his prison experience and the new resolve it has given him in the way he approaches art and life. He also announced and talked up his new venture Le Castle, a company aimed at “marrying creative collaboration across borders with a charitable purpose.” The project which was born out of a trip to Moscow with co-founder Christophe Charlier and Forte says its informed by the same sense of purpose as his new musical project The Water Suite (proof is in the pudding, “Give Me Water” is pretty tough). Read below one of the more quotable passages and get the full story at HP.

I have vivid memories of going into recording studios in the late ’90s (when I was arguably at the pinnacle of my success), making music for everyone except myself. I wanted to make music because I wanted to make money. I studied the charts, listened to what was in heavy rotation on the radio, and mimicked what I heard. And while my collaborative efforts earned me fame and public notoriety, my solo efforts failed (by the commercial standards of the day).

I made the foolish decision of involving myself in a criminal enterprise; and I justified it by telling myself that I would use the money to release my music independently, absent the machinations of a recording label-system that took its artists for granted and reaped disproportionate benefits. That house of logic was built upon cheap, plastic cards. When the wind blew gently, I was buried beneath the rubble.

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