The new hardest working man in show business, ?uestlove allowed the Daily Beast to trail along behind him on his own daily grind, a marathon/maze of creating albums, rehearsing, live shows, wowing guests and audiences on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Apparently that pace was a little slow so he recently started a new catering company to keep him occupied in his spare minute. Make that 30 seconds. The day the Beast chose was something of a monster itself; the day undun was released and The Roots performed their own songs on Fallon for once, alongside longtime homie and musical guest Bilal. Read our favorite quote below and get the full piece at TDB.

But now, with undun, the last time I was really this excited about our career was the Things Fall Apart and Phrenology days—with the critical acclaim and the reaction to the album. Shit, today we were trending on Twitter and I wasn’t even in trouble!”


  • Ryan Shields

    Hey Quest – I am just throwing this out there. I was the kid who held the door open for you at the chocolate store at 30 Rock today. The minute you walked away I wished I had said this – I am a huge Roots/LNWJF fan and I am currently the Senior Class President of Arlington High School in Poughkeepsie (sort of near Jimmy’s hometown of Saugerties) and we have a Senior Follies night coming up on February 16th and we would absolutely love it if you guys could come. My friends say I look like Justin Timberlake so me and my Vice President are going to do History of Rap. I understand you and Jimmy are crazy busy – but we would love to have you as our guests.

  • holly jane mann

    um…what i should..?