And so the absolute worst time of the year is upon us, the true dog days of the summer, that dreadful gap in time and space between the end of the NBA season and the start of the NFL season. We’re lovers of all sports on this side, so you’d think there are plenty of other option to keep us occupied, but let’s be serious, nothing is ufckin with that pig skin (and no, I’m not referring to the above image). Sure, it’s summer time, it’s nice outside, and this would be a great opportunity to do something productive with your life, but F all that, WE NEED THAT FOOTBALL. Once again, Nate and myself have teamed up to put together a list to put your mind at ease. For fellow fanatics who need to be talked off the ledge, here go some suggestions on what to do with your time until August when the almighty National Football League returns to us.



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  • Theloniousb

    C’mon mane. Tell me that Confederation’s Cup wasn’t fly!!!

    • shamz

      It most certainly was, but that shit was over before this post, so soccer is back to irrelevance til next summer, for me.

  • B

    C’mon boys, you’ve all got ESPN and the interweb. Time to embrace Aussie Rules for the next three months and realise what you’ve all been missing all these years.

    • shamz

      you’ve got a point there B, it’s probably the next best thing to Football. That shit is impossible to find though, doesn’t it come on ESPN 27 at like 3 am?