Artists to watch for 2014: Falcons

Yesterday was January 15th, 2014. Which means we have now forever crossed that magical line at which you no longer have to say “Happy New Year” to fools you haven’t seen for a few minutes or a few months. It’s also well past time to say a definitive “FOH” to 2013 and seriously get down to the business of ringin’ in the new-new. In that spirit, Okayplayer presents our Top 14 Artists to Watch: the young upstarts who, in our hearts ,we most want to hear new music from this year–and in our heads know to expect big things from. Read on to meet the most anticipated. If you’re a regular reader of our First Look Friday column, you may already be superfans for some of these new mutants, while some you may not have revealed their powers to the world at large quite yet. If not, give them a minute–the year is still young.



  • yeee

    Whoever wrote this knows their shit.

  • ThomasDaBombas


  • Darelle Alan Ford

    Add Kris Bowers to the list

  • Pat

    I agree with yeee. Great list!

    But I feel Daley should have already been known by many after that song with Gorillaz and releasing Those Who Wait. I hope people do watch him now.

  • Monica C.

    Kick ass compilation!

  • dancesexmusichiphop

    I really like this list!

  • Jared Royal


  • B_loved

    Yum. Good music to feed my soul.

  • Edwin G.

    does anyone know of any similar artists that represent the Latin@ diaspora who make dope music like such?

  • Kevin///Cortez

    This list is absolutely solid.

  • ShaunyBoy

    Is it just me or is the word “Drake” in almost every one?

  • Excellent list.

  • AyeAre

    Would be great to have these things on one page so they’re easy to save and share.

  • Dari Elxix

    I hope to add my name to this list one of these years, all of these artists are constant inspirations. One day, y’all will post about me, count on it!