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Okayafrica Video: The Very Best "Yoshua Alikuti"

Esau Mwamwaya in Nairobi, still form the video for The Very Best - "Yoshua Alikuti"

The homies in The Very Best return with a new video! Can more jams be far behind? Not too far as Okayafrica reveals:

The Very Best do a Nairobi rendition of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” video in the clip for their latest single “Yohua Alukuti”. Esau plays Weezy and Johan a stiff bodyguard as the duo deliver the realest version of a rap posse cut we’ve seen, with appearances by a goat (!), a beat-up station wagon, and Seye in the background. Watch it above, The Very Best’s new LP is due this summer. Video by Village Beat.

I won’t speak too much on the musical qualities since I am a well-documented stan for TVB, but…let’s just say there’s a reason their name is The Very Best.

>>>Watch the video (via Okayafrica)

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