Oddisee "Invisible Walls"

Oddisee "Invisible Walls"

Mello Music Group

The good people over at Mello Music Group plan to start 2014 off with a bang with the release of their fourth compilation project. Mandala Vol.1, Polysonic Flows will be out on January 28th and will feature contributions from Oddisee, Quelle Chris, Mr. Lif, Blueprint, Has-Lo, Georgia Anne Muldrow, yU, John Robinson, Open Mike Eagle, L’Orange, and more. To get things started we get a free download of a strong lead single from Oddisee with “Invisible Walls.” That beat is too smooth (produced by Oddisee as well, of course). Get the full track listing, below.

1.) “Invisible Walls” f/ Oddisee (produced by Oddisee)

2.) “The Lost Nova” f/ Mr. Lif & John Robinson) [(produced by L’Orange)

3.) “Hard Writer” f/ Has-Lo (produced by Has-Lo)

4.) “Lost Children” f/ Georgia Anne Muldrow (produced by Duke Westlake)

5.) “Euclidian Geometry” Instrumental (produced by Quelle Chris)

6.) “Supreme Codeine” f/ Miz Korona, Quelle Chris, T. Calmese & Nick Speed (produced by Quelle Chris)

7.) “A History Of Modern Dance” f/ Open Mike Eagle (produced by Jeremiah Jae)

8.) “King O.A.T.” f/ yU, Tim Hicks & Charlie Ross) (produced by yU)

9.) “You Are Safe Now” f/ Milo (produced by L’Orange)

10.) “Family Room” f/ Castle (produced by Castle)

11.) “Nothing Has A Never” f/ Oddisee) (produced by Oddisee)

12.) “Juggernaut” f/ Has-Lo (produced by Has-Lo)

13.) “Crazy High” Instrumental (produced by Oddisee)

14.) “L.I.V.E.” f/ Akil The MC (produced by Duke Westlake)

15.) “Going Swell” f/ Quelle Chris) (produced by Quelle Chris)

16.) “Brick Walls & Blurry Faces” f/ Castle & Blueprint (produced by L’Orange)

17.) “Problematic” f/ yU (produced by Slimkat 78)

18.) “Bracelets” f/ Has-Lo (produced by Has-Lo)

19.) “Something Good” f/ Georgia Anne Muldrow (produced by Dudley Perkins)

20.) “Polysonic Flows” f/ Quelle Chris (produced by Quelle Chris)

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