Obama Stopped Taking Trump's Calls After Inauguration

Obama Stopped Taking Donald Trump's Calls After Inauguration

Donald Trump Blames Barack Obama For The Nationwide Protests

Photo of Donald Trump and President Barack Obama courtesy of BGR.com.

Don’t worry, CNN, FOX, NBC and those other publications out there searching for the reason why President Agent Orange has been tweeting pure venom at our former President Barack Obama.

We got you.

In a report from The Wall Street Journal, Obama is seething with rage toward Donald Trump after his weekend Twitter rant accused the 44th Commander-in-Chief of ordering an illegal wiretap.

The man we’ve come to know and love as Barry saw those tweets as a slight, a diss and an undermining of his administration and an affront to the office of the presidency. To hit back at Trump, Obama made sure not to return Trump’s phone call. The gesture came as the new president wanted to thank the former for the letter he left in the Resolute Desk following Trump’s inauguration.

This may be the source of why Trump decided to say that Obama had him wiretapped, and has viciously attacked him personally and professionally.

In a related matter, the press has now begun to ponder aloud if Barack Obama can actually sue Trump for libel. Oh, what a time to be alive!

H/T: The Wall Street Journal

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