The NYPD Wants Beyoncé To Apologize For "Formation"

The NYPD Wants Beyoncé To Apologize In Exchange For Protection

Beyonce Angers White People During Super Bowl

UPDATE: Minister Louis Farrakhan, speaking at an event in Detroit, mocked critics like Rudy Giuliani and other anti-Beyoncé protesters for attacking her “for talking all that black stuff.” The Nation Of Islam leader promised that Beyoncé doesn’t need the protection of the NYPD, saying that “the Fruit Of Islam will protect her.”

We’re a few weeks removed from the 50th Super Bowl and people are still angry that Beyoncé got black people into “Formation.” Publications such as Breitbart are calling her halftime show performance “anti-cop,” instead of what it really was about which was “police brutality.” With all that rhetoric floating in the air, members of the New York Police Department are demanding an apology from the pop singer in exchange for protection when she comes to the city.

“Cops are bitter and want her to publicly disavow violence or any other type of aggression toward police,” the gossip site TMZ reports from a representative of the NYPD. “While she’s at it, they’d also like an explanation as to what she really meant.” To be frank and direct, “STOP SHOOTING US,” means that black Americans want police to refrain from killing unarmed people of color. In other words, learn how to be actual police and not paid contract killers of “minorities” in America.

There’s already been an anti-Beyoncé protest in New York City that was attended by more pro-Beyoncé believers than those against. Last week, police in Tampa revealed that officers boycotted her upcoming concert which will hit the city in April. The Miami Fraternal Order of Police are even calling for police across the country to participate in a nationwide boycott of her tour. “The fact that Beyoncé used this year’s Super Bowl to divide Americans by promoting the Black Panthers and her anti-police message shows she does not support law enforcement. We ask all law enforcement labor organizations to join our boycott across the country and to boycott all of her concerts,” Javier Ortiz, president of the Miami FOP, said.

Asking the world’s most recognizable pop star to issue a public apology against crimes committed by police against unarmed people of color is asinine. It absolutely wrecks the brain how a segment of people can honestly believe that police brutality is at an all-time epidemic level in this country. So quick was Michael Palladino of Detectives Endowment Association to say that Beyoncé should “direct her message to the ‘hood” that he willfully ignores the proper procedure that some of these “officers” should be taking when feeling threatened.

Hell, if they are threatened by unarmed men, women and children, just think of how they must be quivering at the sight of Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z.

The outlandish reactions to Beyoncé’s performance proves why racism is so apparent in this country. With a country that fails to admit its wrong-doings and a populace of people wanting Africans and African Americans to “just get over it,” Beyoncé’s call to “get in formation” is seen as an insult or a disgrace, which is plain stupid. The New York Police Department demanding an apology from Beyoncé in exchange for security and protection when her concert lands in the city is also a trite attempt at leveraging what they’re already paid to do to make social commentary.

Comparing what Beyonce did in saluting the Black Panther Party for Self Defense to the Ku Klux Klan is like comparing Barry White to Barry Manilow. Saying that Beyoncé was performing a “KKK dance routine” willfully ignores the history of that racist terrorist organization and fails to place the proper context in what she did in honoring the 50 year legacy of an organization that fought for the protection and safety of blacks in this country.

In short, NYPD do your job and stop breaking formation.


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