And now for something completely different! OKP homegirl (and officemate!) DJ Rekha is launching her new label Beat Bazaar Music tomorrow at Brooklyn Bowl. The debut release is called “Pyaar Baile” (check it out above) produced by Rekha & Sharmaji and featuring Brooklyn baile funk queen Zuzuka Poderosa and Meetu Chilana on vox. The track fuses a Bollywood electro-disco classic with favela-ready Brazilian tambarzåo drum patterns to arrive at a completely original baile-wood fusion. Appropriately, the launch bashy will feature live performances from Zuzuka, desi-American R&B diva Raje Shwari (if you have ever heard a Bolly-ish hindi hook on a Timbaland or Pharrell beat–“Indian Flute” say–that’s her!) and Ami Dang, plus DJ sets from BBC jock Bobby Friction, Rekha and Que Bajo’s Geko Jones. Full disclosure: I am DJing, too. Come true! Flyer after the jump.