Nas - Illmatic Gold Editon Box set reissue from Get On Down

NaS‘ debut album Illmatic is arguably (it has been argued quite a bit in this office) the greatest rap record of all time. Notice I did not say “the greatest rap record to date’. I mean that to many fans Illmatic is the PERFECT rap record–flawless from the Wild Style intro to the last echoey strains of Michael Jackson‘s “Human Nature” on “It Ain’t Hard To Tell.” This record is so thorough that sometimes even Nas gets mad at Nas for making this shit, is what I’m trying to make you understand. So, coming off their much sought after deluxe reissues for Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Return To The 36 Chambers and Raekwon‘s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx  (as The Purple Tape) it seems only right (kid) that the golden era connoisseurs at Get On Down Records would touch Illmatic next. Without further ado, find details (below) and some exclusive pics (after the jump) of the Illmatic Gold Edition deluxe reissue box set in both CD & CD & LP versions:


Nas Illmatic Deluxe “Gold Edition” CD set features:

· “24k Audiophile Gold Disc” CD with re-mastered audio and actual 24-karat gold embedded in the CD, housed in a “Cherrywood Trophy Box” with gold plaque [limited to 2,000 CD sets]

· 48-page full-color, hard-cover book including liner notes from The Source founder Jon Schecter, extended artwork and full album lyrics

· Black 2-piece outer box with 1994 “Nas” red-on-white logo sticker [www.GetOnDown.com orders only]

· Reproduction of 1994 Illmatic press release, with two 8 x 10 glossy promo photos from Illmatic PR campaign [www.GetOnDown.com orders only]

· Rare 1994 promotional poster with full album lyrics printed on back [www.GetOnDown.com orders only]


>>>Purchase CD & LP Deluxe Bundle ($49.94) 

 >>>Purchase CD-only Deluxe Package ($34.94) 

Nas - Illmatic Gold Editon Box set reissue from Get On Down

Nas - Illmatic Gold Editon Box set reissue from Get On Down

Nas - Illmatic Gold Editon Box set reissue from Get On Down



  • http://www.facebook.com/dume41 Dume Forwan


    It’s become very politically correct to name Illmatic as a possible best album of all time. Although in love with the album, I disagree entirely that it could be a greatest of all time album. It’s not even the greatest of 1994. That honor has to go to Jeru and DJ Premier’s, “The Sun Rises in the East.” While we’re at it, O.C.’s “Word… Life,” and Gangstarr’s “Hard To Earn,” come in the picture before we start talking about Illmatic, Ready To Die, and Tical.

    • http://www.okayplayer.com Eddie “STATS”

      if by ‘politically correct’ you mean ‘generally acknowledged’, then okay. those are all incredible, GOAT albums u mentioned but Jeru’s shit, OC’s shit and yes, even Hard To Earn all have their clunky moments. the argument for Illmatic is not just that it’s stellar moments are all-time quotables on par with the best parts of those other records (sleep is the cousin of death, your shit eats tapes etc etc) but that it is quite possibly flawless. where is the goofy ad-lib or wrong note on Illmatic?

    • Ja3s0n22