Ms. Lauryn Hill responds to fans after late start to her recent concert.

UPDATE: Twitter had a field day on Ms. Lauryn Hill after it was reported that she was three hours late to her own concert at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall. Last night, the Miseducation star took herself to Twitter to respond to the critics + comedians.

See the original story below:

Ms. Lauryn Hill was headlining the bill for her concert at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall last night, when the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter did something no one could imagine. Psyche, I’m kidding, she did what no one was surprised she would do: She showed up three hours late.

Lauryn was scheduled to go on at 8:00 p.m., but according to tweets from the venue, by 11:00 p.m. she had still not made an appearance on stage. Others said Hill was arriving as audience members were standing in line for refunds.

The former Fugee member has a storied history for being late for her shows. Questlove even penned an open letter to her in an attempt to showcase his (and her fans’) frustration with her tardiness. Tweets flew out at a rapid pace last night as Hill’s “MLH Caravan: Diaspora Calling” tour began to fell more like the “Disappearing Act” tour.

After a series of different DJs subbed in for Ms. Lauryn Hill, she finally took the stage at 11:19 p.m. A copy editor at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shared an onstage photo of Hill as proof of her arrival.

Defense of Ms. Hill and her actions were scarce. Twitter had fun at her expense and didn’t even have to buy a ticket.


H/T: Vibe


  • Brian H

    She was only an hour late, which she attributed to part of her band getting delayed at the airport in NY.

    The entire show was listed for an 8 PM start, but she had two opening acts. The staff was telling people that she was supposed to hit the stage at 10:15 when we were walking in.

    • seriously

      Thanks Brian. I figured it was an overkill story. Lol Things happen sometimes.

    • Show was to start at 8:00 p.m., right. Motormane played until 9:30 p.m. Paul Beaubrun followed after that and Ms. Hill’s DJ took the stage at 10:30. She then started her set around 11:20 p.m. That’s about 3 hours, no?


    Lauryn’s lateness: The forgivable is now unforgivable under forgivable circumstances. #packitup #itsawrap #themiscalculationoflaurynhill

  • Darren

    the problem is that there is a history, so even when there is a legitimate reason – aint nobody trine ta hear’dat.