Author MK Asante Drops The Self-Directed Official Video For "Godz N The Hood" From The Official Soundtrack To His Book 'BUCK' & Ras Kass' 'Barmageddon' LP Featuring Bishop Lamont & Talib Kweli.

MK Asante teams with Bishop Lamont, Ras Kass and Talib Kweli to drop the self-directed official video for “Godz N Tha Hood” from RK’s Barmaggeon LP and the forthcoming soundtrack to his critically-acclaimed book BUCK. The clip brings the people and places in Asante’s autobiographical tome to life with footage that travels from the streets of Watts to North Philly to show the beauty and pain in the faces of the folks occupying some of America’s toughest streets. Offering a nod to the brilliance and blight that underscore life in the hood, each MC sets fire to the track with biting commentary that discusses the history of black people in America from the fields to the great migration and into the present; Asante and his fellow lyricists do a bang up job of breaking down the savage inequalities that color the black experience to varying degrees. Check the footage below to watch the official video for “Godz N The Hood.” Purchase BUCK via mkasante.com. Purchase Ras Kass’ Barmageddon LP via iTunes. Stay tuned for more from MK Asante.


  • Johnny Swindles

    This is what I’M TALKIN BOUT!!! HIP HOP in its purest and most brilliant form

  • MissRumiBrown

    TRUTH!!! Godz N the hood, thank you for the quenching my thirst for beautiful music. I needed to hear this today!

  • dwatkinsworld

    Real Rap is BACK!!!!!!!!!

  • m.

    music for movement. felttt ++

  • Nora Yolanda

    Hip hop is headed in the right direction with these guys behind the wheel.

  • Dominic Aragon

    Song is alright. It cracks me up that he is against atheists for some reason. Haha. He needs to educate himself a little more before writing odd lyrics like that.